When Do Babies Get Moles Or Freckles Or Beauty Spots

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K8 - September 4

i have a few moles on my arms and back and one on my face (dont worry not a big old hairy one, just a dot! ) anyway i was wondering when babies get theirs? also my husband has brown eyes and me blue so i thought since there is only a 13% chance that my daughter would have blue that hers would change to brown but they havent yet. (she is only 6wks old)..if anyones babies eyes changed from their birth colour can you tell me around how old they were? Does that even make any sense? i know what i mean!!!!!


sahmof3 - September 4

I've read that babies aren't supposed to have moles or freckles until 1 year old and that if they get them before that they should be checked out. As far as the eyes- If your dh has one parent with blue eyes that means he has a recessive gene and a dominant one and your chances of a blue-eyed baby are 50-50. If both of his parents have brown there is no way of knowing if he has 2 dominant eye color genes or 1 dominant/1recessive unless your dd's eyes stay blue (then you will know he has one of each). If he has 2 dominant genes all your babies will have brown eyes. Anyway, I have brown eyes and my dh has blue eyes. All of our kids had blue-grey eyes at birth, but they all changed from bluish to greenish to brown- by the time they were 6 months old. It's funny- even though your original post isn't about hair color- my dh and I both have brown hair, but we have one kid with reddish hair, one with blonde and one with brown!


mischelly30 - September 4

Here is a calculator you can use to give you the probabilities of having a child with brown, green, or blue eyes: http://museum.thetech.org/ugenetics/eyeCalc/eyecalculator.html remove any - that may be inserted.


AmandaManns - September 4

I am not sure when they get their moles and freckles. I have freckles now but I didn't get them until I was like 5 or 6. Also I have brown eyes and my boyfriend has blue eyes and our son has big blue eyes with a splash of brown in the middle...they are gorgeous. He is 8.5 months old and they have been this way for a while, but I was told they can still change up to a year.


cae - September 4

I am not sure about freckles or moles, but Ive heard that babies eye color can change up to a year, or longer. I have brown eyes and my DH has blue eyes, my son was born with blue eyes, but at around 51/2months they started turning brown, and now he is 7months and has light brown eyes.


lindsay - September 4

my son turned 4 on may 19th, and started getting moles within the last 6 months... he gets really excited when a new one "pops" up,lol, because he feels he is growing up and turning into a big boy. he probably has about 10 now.


luvmyboys - September 5

My 4 year old is getting freckles and moles now. Actually he has to have two of them removed, but that's another story. He was born with a nice birth mark on his back though.


Rabbits07 - September 5

My oldest daughter had a freckle appear on the back of her leg when she was a couple of months old...I kept trying to wipe it off at first because I thought I'd gotten chocolate or something on her leg! :-) I didn't know at that time that freckles could just appear. My youngest son was born with a freckle, shaped like a piece of rice, on the back of his shoulder. All of my older children began getting freckles sprinkled across their noses and cheeks when they were around 4 years old. My 3-year-old doesn't have any yet, but I'm sure that it is only a matter of time. As far as eye color, they can change anywhere from just a few months after birth to 3 or 4 years old. My oldest son had one blue and one green eye when he was around 2 or 3, that finally changed to both green when he was closer to 4. I did the eye calculator thing and it gave me the following results as chances of my offspring having that eyecolor: blue- 17.5%, green- 32.5%, brown- 50.0%. I have 6 living children and not counting the baby (he's only 5 months, right now his eyes are still blue, but could change) I have 4 children with green and 1 with blue....so apparently I'm just a person who beats the odds!


jas - September 5

My ds was born with a freckle on his b___t... My 11 yr old didn't start getting moles until he was about 1 - 2 yrs... We are both brown eyed parents with dh grandfather and my father having blue eyes... My son has blue/hazel eyes while my 5month old has brown - they were blue, but turned within the first few weeks. They say eye color is permenant by 2 yrs old.


km - September 5

This is a reply to the eye color part of the question... I pray my son's eyes stay the color they are. He's 5mos and has beautiful blue eyes with a dark blue ring around the outside. Dh has green eyes and mine are brown. My father and his parents are the only ones on any side who have blue eyes. I'll have to try out that eye color calculator.


km - September 5

Oh yes, eye color can change when they're alot older. Hubby's eyes went from blue to green when he was 5 or 6!


sahmof3 - September 5

I did the eye calculator and it said chances for: blue- 20%, green 13.3% and brown 66.6%. They all ended up with brown- poor dh- we're done having kids and he won't get his blue-eyed baby! Anyway, his parents and siblings are all blue-eyed and all his siblings married people with blue eyes, so we gave his parents their only brown-eyed grandbabies!


Been There - September 5

My son (6 weeks old now) was born with freckles. My husband has freckles all over, so that's where he got them. I don't have moles, so I'm hoping that's something he'll take from me. His eyes were dark grey when he was born, but they changed at around 3 weeks.


kellymoli - May 10

my 2 daughters were born with blue eyes, by 8 months their eyes were gray and at 1 1/2 they turned brownish, hazel


kmc11 - May 12

hi my daughter is 10 weeks old...i am posting her eating and sleep habits below....please tell me if they seem normal..... wake up at 630am eats 5oz bottle sleeps from 0930am to 1230pm eats 5oz bottle sleeps from 140pm to 310pm ate another bottle at 430pm ate again at 730pm went to bed at 830pm and will sleep til 6pm.. does this sound normal?? i just want her to be heaalthy



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