When Do Babies Start Feeding Themselves

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IrinaZ - February 21

My son is 8 mo and shows no interest whatsoever in feeding himself or even holding the spoon. He eats like a champ when I feed him. I give him a spoon when feeding him and he drops it 2 seconds later. I try to give him finger food, but his fine motor skills are not that great yet. When do they start feeding themselves?


ImpatientMommy - February 21

I wouldn't worry Irina, I can a__sure you that an 8 month old is not supposed to be feeding themselves with a spoon already, definitely not.


DDT - February 21

If you are referring to using utensils then that would probably be somewhere between 12-24 months. Every baby is different. if you are referring to finger foods then anywhere from 7-12 months. My ds started eating finger foods from about 8-9 months old. But only what he liked..Cheerios, puffs, toast, crackers. He is a picky finger food eater in that he refuses to pick up anything with a `wet`consistency to it. Only now at 12 months is he started to delve into table foods. And only recently started dipping his spoon into his bowl in an attempt to feed himself...but I would never consider that `feeding`himself as he hardly gets anything into his mouth. If I were you I would concentrate on getting your lo used to finger foods before you start offering him the spoon. It`s more of a toy at this age anyway. From 8 months on I started offering my ds finger food before every meal...whether he ate it or not. It`s about exposing them to this new experience and feeling of independence. That being said even at 12 months I still spoon feed my ds the majority of his food because he just doesn`t consume enough from finger foods.


excited2bemama - February 22

keira loves to feed herself.. she just started doing it a around 8 months


jendean00 - February 22

Brooke loves to try and feed herself. She can manage to get the spoon near her mouth but mainly loves to chew on it.


mommybabyboy21 - February 23

Since the day I started solids my son tries to feed himself very independent that way..though he gets frustrated with the spoon. I have a cute youtube video of him getting frustrated and tossing the spoon and just trying to slurp his baby food out. It is so cute. Also he gets frustrated really easily and if he is really hunger he wants me to feed him EVEN the so call finger foods, because he doesn't get the finger part he usually has it in his palm and tries to get it in his mouth and it slips out of his hand before it gets to the mouth. (Dont know if I explained that right) but he tries and its cute. But I wouldn't expect him to feed himself with a spoon by himself until he is over a year old closer to two years.



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