When Do Babies Start Holding The Bottle On Their Own

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Cora - January 29

Just curious as to what age your babies were when they started holding their own bottle? I can not wait for that age....lol. It seems like that's all I do these days...hold her bottle, burp her and change diapers.


Meredith - January 29

I think it was around four months.


me - January 29

my son was exactly 6 months when he started...and it was a lot easier :) lol


Cora - January 29

lol...well hopefully my daughter will be like your child Meredith...that gives me only 4 more weeks ! She is 3 months as of yesterday. She does try to grab on to it, and will most times hold it with one hand, but I of course still have to support it for her. Once she holds it herself, no more of this one hand typing...lol which I am doing right now...


C - January 29

My son still doesn't hold his own bottle. He does better with a cup, at 9 months. His babysitter says he holds it for her and she props him up with a pillow.


Justine - January 29

My daughter managed to hold her cup in hospital at a few days old -lol. She's 3 months now and tries to hold her bottle but can't manage it yet but its not for want of trying. I just wish she'ld learn how to change her nappy/diaper!


Eryn @ MN - January 29

Ellie started to hold hers at 4 months. And she HAS to be the one to hold it. Now we started giving her stage 1 baby food and she HAS to hold the spoon. Her first words will be, "I can do it myself"!!


KrisD - January 30

I think it depends on the bottle too. We use those fat avent bottles and, try as he may, my son can't hold it himself. He's 5 months.


FF - January 30

My son is 6 months and has the hang of it pretty well. He can hold his skinny evenflo bottle a lot better than his fatter playtex ventaires, unfortunately most of the time he will only eat out of the playtex ones. Picky picky picky! :)


desiree - January 30

My son is 10.5 months and refuses to hold his bottle! I don't know if he ever will!!


S - January 30

my dd has been trying to hold her bottle since she was about 2 months old. She's 4 months old now, and sometimes will hold it, but her movements are so sporatic and jerkey, she drops it most of the time....it's so cute to look at her fat little hands on the bottle...lol



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