When Do Did You Stop Napping With Your Lo

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mommybabyboy21 - December 4

Ok stay at home moms when did you stop napping with your baby, I don't nap with him everyday but sometimes I still need to take an afternoon nap with my son I think its because I stay up late in the evenings but I was curious if anyone else does or when you stopped?


excited2bemama - December 4

well.. I stopped taking regular naps when dd was a few weeks old.. but now she is fighting naps so if I can't get her to sleep I will lie down with her.. maybe once a week or so. She is 6 months. However I am not really sleep deprived as she was/is always a great sleeper at night and Dh and I go to bed around 9 pm and don't get up till 7 am.. I get once for about 45 min and feed her in the night. (her last feeding of the day is 630 pm) IF you are tired don't feel guilty taking a nap... I just don't really like naps...


lin7604 - December 4

heck i still takes naps once in a while! I have never slept with my son but have also taken a nap at nap time. He is 13 months now, and once in a while when he has a bad night due to teething, i give in! I was taking reg naps while my son was a few weeks old but i would say by the time he was 1 -2 months it ended as then i couldn't sleep well at night especially since he would get up every 2-3 hrs. I found it very hard to get back to sleep before his next feed.


Gretta - December 4

My dd is 9 months and I still nap with her a couple times a week. I also sometimes read while she naps. Sometimes I need a nap and she sleeps so much longer when I am right next to her whereas when she is in her crib I am lucky if I get 30-45 minutes. By 2:00 on somedays I am just tired and need a break so thats a good way to recharge and not be cranky by the time dh comes home and the baby loves it.


lawlady72 - December 4

I don't sleep more than 3 hours at night so I try to nap whenever I can, my lo is 4 months ad he doesn't sleep more than 3 hours E VER.


Malica - December 4

My dd (2.5 months) usually sleeps through the night from midnight to 8am, but I admit I stay up after she's gone to bed because it's one of the few times I can get some peace and quiet to take a shower, so I still take a nap about half of the days.


kimberly - December 5

Nap, what is a nap. lol! I have a 4 year old and a 9 year old and my 3.5 month old dd, so napping is not an option. Sure wish I could though!


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - December 5

I still take naps with my 4 year old niece...so no doubt I will take naps with my daughter when she is older...although I only take naps when I am done with the house and nothing to do, but im always busy



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