When Do They Crawl Situp Pullup Ect 6 Months Babies

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Gretta - October 20

Hi all - just wondering when your lo's started to crawl, were able to sit up on thier own from laying down, pull up to standing, walk and say first word? My dd is 7.5 months and getting closer to crawling but not there yet.


mandee25 - October 20

My ds will be 11 months old tomorrow and he refuses to crawl on all fours. He is a bum scooter since he hates tummy time. He gets everywhere he wants by sitting on his bum and pulling himself around with his hands. It's really cute! He sat on his own without falling over by 7 months. He isn't interested in pulling up or cruising yet and I think he'll be a late walker.


DDT - October 20

My lo is 8 months old. He started sitting up from laying and vice versa only very recently. And will only do it when it suits him. He has been "almost crawling" ie. rocking on hands & knees ect. for about a month already and no progress yet. He can get around fairly well by army crawling...but even with that he will only do it if he wants something badly. He babbles alot but no actual words yet (I believe that happens at around 10-11 months old)...but I swear about a week ago he said "doggie"...he is obbessed with our dog and thats the word I use to refer to it.


DDT - October 20

oh he started sitting una__sisted at 6 months


Gretta - October 20

DDT how do they get from laying down to sitting anyway?


DDT - October 20

Well, he pulls his legs up into his chest and then leans to the side with his arm until the side of his bum touches the floor. Then he pushes with his arm until he's steady and flat on his bum. It sounds complicated but he got that one under his belt before sitting to laying which to me would be easier. With sitting to laying he just leans forward and rocks. His feet get all squished under his bum as he makes the transition.


Gretta - October 20

Aww so cute - I have been trying to figure out how they go from laying to sitting but haven't seen a baby do it so thanks for the description!!


eclectic66 - October 20

DDT-I saw your little guy on your Piczo website...from an earlier post..can't remember which on now..lol. I saw that video of him rocking back and forth and it was soooo cute!! You inspired me to create a Piczo site for my little man :-) I'm still working on it and it turns out to be a great place to deposit all my many pics and videos in one spot for all my family to see (which are all about 3,000 miles away from me and have nevr got to meet him in person yet)....sorry Gretta I didn't mean to hijack your thread about that...lol My ds is 12 weeks and is just now about to roll over on his own...I am sooo excited for him :-)


DB - October 20

My dd just started to crawl last weekend, but it's still not a typical crawl. It's more of an army crawl (she actually looks like she is dragging a wounded leg!!!). She occasionally can get from lying down to sitting, not all the time though. She has yet to pull up to staninding position...she says dadadadadadaaa, lalalallala all the time, but not at anyone, just babbles. btw, she was exactly 8.5 months last weekend when the "crawling" started.


lin7604 - October 21

my ds was sitting strong at 3 months , crawling at 6.5 months and walking at 10 months. He will be 1 on wed! He has been quick with all that but not so quick with solids, he still doesn't like chunky things, so won't eat cheese, pasta, etc


countrymom401 - October 21

My lo is 7.5 months now. He was sitting una__sisted at just under 6 months. He started crawling one week before he was 7 months and 2 weeks later he started pulling himself up. He is now cruising along the furniture and when he runs out of couch he will sit down and crawl to the next piece.As for talking he seems to be way more interested in getting around then talking. He is babbling more now in the last few weeks though. He has started making that nice shrieking noise which he gets a real kick out of. He has started using constents too. The other day I told him that daddy was on his way home and I swear he said dada.


Gretta - October 21

Wow - its true everyones LO is different!!! HA I love everyones stories about thier babies though so keep em' coming!!!


madison - October 21

my dd has always been very active! she started crawling (army crawl) a week before turning 6 months. she started rolling over at 4 months, sitting up well around 5 months or 5 1/2. she has been pulling up to standing for the past 2-3 weeks and she is just starting to cruise the furniture a little. we definitely have to keep our eye on her! she is a little monkey- trying to climb already. she has managed to get up onto our ottoman by climbing up on her diaper bag and then onto the ottoman the other day. she turned 7 months this weekend. she has said "hi" a few times probably "by accident" though i dont think she knows what it means, we just tell her hi all the time and she's made the sound. she just started trying to wave at us, its really cute.


chrissi79 - October 21

Well my DD started crawling just about 7.5 months; I can't remember when she would sit herself up but I think it was just before she crawled (like a week or two). She's been pulling up to stand for over a month now too (she's 8.5 mths), now its super easy for her and effortless, too cute! She also loves to walk holding your hands or cruise the furniture - and she's slowly getting brave about taking a step without holding on,,,all babies are unique and hit their milestones at different times!! Its so fun to watch them learn and change, I can't believe how fast it comes!! :)


DDT - October 22

eclectic66: Thanks! I am glad I inspired you to start a piczo site. It is fun and helpful for other family members. I have family all over the world and seeing pics of my ds are their only way to "see" him. Post you site once its perfected...I would love to see your little man. It's so amazing seeing them learn how to do things as they grow. I can't believe my lo is 8 months old already. Time goes by way too fast!


eclectic66 - October 26

DDT- I know exactly what you mean. All of my family lives over 3,000 miles away so the internet is my primary way of getting to show him off ;-) I'm almost done with it and I will post the link. :-)



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