When Do They Start Talking

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brittany - December 18

just curious when do babies start to talk? i have a 3 month old that just "coo's" for hours she'll carry on entire conversations by doing that. she changes her tones and faciak expressions. it's so adorable. i just can't wait till she can talk. i'm sure she'll have a motor mouth like me...... my poor hubby. ;-)


Erica - December 18

Hey brittany when was your baby born? My lil guy was born sept 23, and is also a motormouth. I love it though, i get more excitement with our convos then ones with ppl that actually make sense=P.


Beccah - December 18

Mine was also a september baby. He came on the 20th, 12 weeks early. He doesn't do much cooing, but when he does, it just lights up my world. You are so lucky to be able to hear yours "talk". All I hear lately is screaming :-)


brittany - December 18

she was born on sept. 12. yea i think it's great that she's blabbing so much. just shows how much she's already grown up. just curious have you tried the baby einstein video's? my little girl loves them. it's funny she was just crying and so i put one on and she's so calm now. i love them so much. she's learning and doesn't even know it he he.


T. - December 18

Brittany, if you're still sick and want to relax, just put on the baby einstein video for your baby.


T. - December 18

Or maybe you've tried that already! I don't know but I hope you get well soon anyway!


Beccah - December 18

That's a good idea. I don't have a lot of $ for videos right now, but I can tape it! Maybe I'll look on Ebay.


C - December 18

My son is 8 months and the closest thing to a word is da da. I think he's been saying da da for about 2 months. I could have sworn my nephew talked really good by 12 months but my other nieces and nephews are a lot slower. My one nephew is almost 2 and is a mute. When he does talk he whispers. He's very shy. I think he knows a few words. The other two are 3 & 4 and they'll talk to me and I just smile. I have no clue what that are saying ever. So, in other words, all babies/children start to talk on their own time table. Eventually they all catch up at about 5.


The real Lissi - December 18

My daughter was born 17th September and babbles away to everyone she meets. I love it too! Can't wait for her to talk! I bought her a Baby Einstein dvd yesterday, but haven't tried it yet. I will try it tomorrow! :)


Jbear - December 18

Beccah, as long as you still have a VCR (not just a dvd player), I bet you can find the vhs movies really cheap...the goodwill here sells them for a dollar, and the half price books (not sure they have that everywhere) sells vhs movies from a dollar to about six dollars. For a while I was only buying dvd's, but it seems like everyone else in the world is ditching their videotapes, so I figured I might as well take advantage of it. I haven't seen the baby einstien ones yet, but I have a bunch of sesame street and both of my kids seem to like it.


Tami - December 19

My baby girl was born the 27 of Sept. and she babbles and coos all the time! Isn't it so fun?



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