When Do They Start To Space Out Their Feedings

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lin7604 - February 13

my ds is 16 weeks today and he eats 6 oz every 2- 2.5 hrs. i am very lucky when he goes 3 hrs but that is very very rare. when will he be able to go longer? when he starts solids? he eats 50oz a day if not more now


jolou - February 13

I'm no expert, and my ds is younger than yours (4 weeks), but here's my input. My ds currently goes for about 6 hrs between feeds at night and 2-4 hrs during the day, so I guess every baby is different. Are you feeding formula or expressed b/m? If it's formula, have you tried the hungry baby milk? That could be worth a go. Also, this is not personal experience, but babies of my SIL and a friend's were very hungry. My SIL persevered and things stayed the same (feeding every 2hrs 24 hrs a day) until she began weaning at 24 weeks as recommended. My friend began giving solids at about 14 weeks (just very plain stuff, baby rice/cereal etc), and her son sleeps a lot better, has much longer gaps between his feeds, and is getting on fine. They say that if you wean early you increase the risk of your baby getting allergies, but I know plenty of people who have with no problems. That's not to say you should do it - what suits one person and their baby may not suit another, but it's maybe worth condsidering. Good luck.


MM - February 13

Have you tried to space out the feedings? When he starts to get hungry, maybe change his diaper or get a toy to distract him for awhile. That should help him with eating more but farther apart.


lin7604 - February 13

what is hungry baby milk? never heard of that. MM: i do, i do that already. and that is when i will get 2.5 hrs out of him and then he is really screaming" give me my milk!" lol then the crocodile tears come down too. today i got 3 hrs for 1 feeding and then he ate 1 oz less too? but that was cause a nap landed right in between.


mandee25 - February 13

I had this problem when ds was really young, like 3 weeks old. The nurse at the maternity ward told me to try some sugar water to space out the feedings more since he was only taking 1 or 2 oz. every 2 hours or less. Just 1/2 tsp. per 3 oz. sterilized water. It worked sometimes.


kris313 - February 13

My opinion - and that's all it is - put that boy on cereal! Our ped said it was up to us, but I've seen the following guidelines: the baby should be at least double his birth weight and eat more than 32 oz. a day. We started dd on spoon-fed cereal at 4 mos.


lin7604 - February 13

ya, he has doubled his birth rate alright. he's 18 lbs and 26 inches. i do put rice cereal in his bottle at night and the ped told me at his 2 month old appt to start spoon feeding his cereal then, but i though that was a little young, myself. I tried it a few times but he was just b__wing bubbles off the spoon....he made more of a mess then he actually go into his mouth, so i figured he wasn't ready yet. I think now that he is almost 4 months that i will try it again.


Carla - February 13

Hi Lin, I would defininley speak to your pediatrician, I was told that my baby should not have any more than 32oz a day. Is he feeding at night too???


lin7604 - February 14

ya, he has 2 feeings at night usually, sometimes only 1 and they usually are both 6oz


jolou - February 16

I think hungry baby milk is also called follow on milk. I don't know where you are, I'm in the UK, and feed ds with a brand called SMA. They do 'gold' milk, which is the stuff you give newborns, 'blue' milk, which has more proteins etc for hungrier babies , and then 'red' to use from 6months plus to supplement solids. (The colours are just what they are called and the colour of the tin - the milk is normal!). Have a look at the different formulas available, and see if any of them say they may satisfy hungrier babies. I'd probably go with cereal as well though!



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