When Do They Start Wanting Solids More Than Formula

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emilysmommy - June 15

My dd is 4 and a half months old and my ped said to start her on solids and I've been giving her rice cereal and oatmeal and she seems to like it but doesn't want to much (only a teaspoon) and she won't always eat it when I sit her down to eat. She still just really wants the bottle but I notice she keeps putting her hands all over the bottle and her fingers on the nipple of the bottle. I guess I'm just wondering when your lo's really started wanting the solids on a regular basis? It's frustrating cuz I can tell she's more hungry but prefers the bottle. Does it just eventually change? She seems real frustrated at times too. She'll go from happy and playing to upset and fidgety and crying. Thanks in advance..


mama3 - June 15

there are these bottles made by Parents Choice. You can get it at wal-mart or a grocery store. There made for cereal or baby food. Its a multi pack. 1 bottle 1 cuppy and a spoon that fits on your finger. If your baby likes to eat from a bottle better than this would be perfect for you. My baby is going on 6 weeks and she has a bite of cereal before bed and I give it to her with the feeder bottle. They are leak resistant. There very cheap and sooo well woth it. age approved 3+ months...


Bonnie - June 15

She's the same age as Mason. They are learning how to hold the bottle themselves. For Mason, I got a sippy cup with handles and in between feeds I put in a tiny amount of juice and water. He doesn't really drink it but it gives him fun practice holding things. As for solids...if she is not cranky or fussy when feeding her the solids, keep at it. But don't force it. If she is fussing then stop for a couple weeks and retry. This is why they usually say 4-6 months as some are just not ready at 4 months. Follow her cues, she will let you know. Most of her nutrition the first year is met from formula. Solids are just a snack. When she needs mreo and is ready she will do it on her own. Don;t worry. ;)



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