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LisaB - February 27

When do you no longer need the gate on the stairs and let los tackle the stairs alone? When do you move them from crib to toddler bed? When can they have sh__lfish? When do you introduce the potty chair? And lastly when should they be self feeding with a spoon/fork?


ashtynsmom - February 27

We have introduced the potty chair, but not for the puropse of potty training. My dd is 13 mos, and we jsut put it out in the bathroom b/c she would see dh and I on the toilet, and she woudl point and grunt and want to sit there too.... so we got her, her own. She sits on it and plays right now, and has no clue what it is for- I don't think... :) We sit her on it before bath time while she is naked, but she just looks down into it and laughs :) LMAO As far as the toddler bed... I have seen as early as 15 mos, and as late as 2.5 years. I plan to try it around 20 mos... I am not sure if there is an exact date as to right or wrong... but that is my plan. I have no idea on the shell fish or stairs. We have introduced the spoon and fork, and dd is doing alright. Most of it gets sling-shotted across the room right now.... but she is trying!! I would say around 2 they should be able to use both the spoon and fork properly.


sahmof3 - February 27

I took the gate away at about 14 months w/ my youngest. He was able to climb up and over it... we could move it up higher on the wall, but then my older two couldn't get up the stairs, so finally we just got rid of it and after about 2 days Justin stopped going after the stairs and if I said, "stop!" he would. Now he's 19 months and will not stay downstairs for anything, but he comes down facing forward, but sitting, so it's a nice, safe way for him to come down. He's also just about to move into his toddler bed. We have it, but daddy needs to get it put together lol. He's tall enough that I think he could fall over hte rail, so we're moving him... but my other two kids were almost 3 (Nathan) (he wasn't a climber at all, but we decided to move him because we needed the crib for our dd) and 22 months (Leah) (she WAS a climber,so we moved her at that age) when we moved them into regular beds with rails (we didn't have a toddler bed for them). None of mine have ever had shellfish... and neither have I (religious reasons), so I don't know about that one. I have tried the potty chair at 18 months with all 3 of mine, but the older two were 3ish before we had success LOL. And, last, but not least... mine were around 14 months when they were really trying to use their own forks and spoons. My oldest was about 20 months before he was really good at aiming and the younger two were doing really well by about 16 months.



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