When Do You Change To Stage 2 Nipples

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Pea Pod - March 8

I was actually clueless that there were even different types of nipples until a few weeks ago! Dd is 7 weeks. Just wondering when you switch up.


AshleyB - March 8

Most of them have an age on the package, not sure off the top of my head, but I know avent nipples have one for up to 2mo's and then it goes up to 2-4months and so on from there.


Wellis10 - March 8

Most nipples do have the age on them....but I started the stage 2 at around 2 months. I noticed that he was sucking so hard and still wasn't getting the amount that he wanted. As he was sucking the nipple would lose it's grip or something like that and he would let go.....I started the stage two nipple and he was Ok. At 3 1/2 months I tryied the stage 3 nipple and he acted as if he was drowning so i switched back. His arms would wave in the air ....like he was tring to stop the flow of the milk but didn't know how. Hope this helps


Pea Pod - March 8

Yes, it helps, although you proved my dh right! He said it was probably on the box, but since I couldn't find the answer by googling, I a__sumed it was something they would say to refer to your pediatrician for and therefor wouldn't be on the box!


Emily - March 9

Ha, ha, we didn't switch. My oldest used the same nipple til she took a sippy. she was 15 mos (yes, I know bad mommy for letting her keep the bottle so long but the doc didnt' care and she wasn't ready to give it up) my youngest is almost 9 mos and still using the nipple that came with all those bottles we got. (well I have replaced tehm once but it is the same kind of nipple.....)


KLT - March 9

My son is coming up 5 months in a few days and is still using the Stage 1 nipples with no problem. It seems that over time the hole kind of gets a little larger anyways. Does well for us, so no point in changing unless we have to.


Carla - March 9

Hello, I have changed nipple stages twice already...I use avent......What a difference it makes....I changed because he was getting frustrated with the bottle like he had to suck too hard so i asked my dr and she said definiltley switch to the next stage......He also takes half the time to finish a bottle than he use too....He is 6 months and I have the next stage already Im just waiting till i see the sign he wants it quicker lol


luviduvi - March 9

The nipple package should tell you. I know with Dr. Browns the start stage two at 3 months.


mandee25 - March 9

I use the Playtex Drop in bottles and am still on the stage 1 nipple because my son is only 15 weeks old. I have tried the stage 2 but it was way too much for him 3 weeks ago. I think I may try them again soon as it takes so long for him to take a bottle.


Leilani14 - March 9

I am feeding my lo EBM which is more watery than formula so the age on the box was too early for my lo.I switched to nipple stage 2 at about 4mo. Box said 3mo+


CaliTrish - March 10

My DS just turned 5 months on Thursday, and I just bought the Advent Stage 3 nipples last night which are suppose to be for 3+ months. He'd been using Stage 1 up till now. It's been taking him longer to finish the bottle for the last month or so - too much suction. Hopefully, there won't be any problems from skipping the Stage 2 nipples.


lexa - March 10

I havent changed yet and dd is 5months old. We have tried, but she absolutely wouldnt eat from the new nipples. She screamed and acted like she was choking then refused to try again. It was worse when she was placed on thickened feedings. We purchased the criss cross cut nipples for thicker feedings.....same reaction from her. Refused (she must get the stubborn part from me:-) So we ended up making the hole on her stage 1 nipples larger to accomodate the feedings and she was fine. So I dont think we will change from stage 1.


venus_in_scorpio - March 12

DD is the opposite, even some of the gerber stage 2's i had to widen the hole. she is 4 months. at 2 months i bought new stage 1's (made for up to 3 or 4 months i was using playtex at the time) and she'd suck for about 5 minutes and after only taking an ounce get sick of sucking and fuss until her next feeding it was awful. go with what your baby wants because theyre certainly all different.


lin7604 - March 12

i was going to ask this q to, thanks for doing so. my ds is 4.5 months and i find lately that it takes him 20-30 min to eat when it used to take him15-20 and he has only been eating 4oz from the 6 he was doing before. i tried 2 weeks ago stage 2 in the playtex drop ins and he seemes like he was gulping more and he had milk dripping from the corners of his mouth a bit, which he didn't have before. When he was a new bornstage 1 was even to fast for him so we had to buy the playtex avance ( angled bottles) and use dr brown'r new born nipples than he was fine.


lin7604 - March 12

How long is too long to take to eat? what should be the average?


mandee25 - March 12

I would like to know this too lin7604. My ds can take up to 20 minutes to drink 6-7 oz of formula including burps and he is almost 4 months old.


Wellis10 - March 12

My lo is 4months on yhe 19th. It takes him about 15 mins to eat 6ozes. I have been using the playtex ventair bottles with the stage 2 nipples. I have tried other bottles and nipples, but they leak everywhere.



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