When Do You Get Into A Routine

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angelinakai - November 5

When did your lo get into a routine? My son is 6 weeks old and he is not in any kind of routine at all. Sometimes he sleeps 2 hours between feeding at night and sometimes he sleeps 5 1/2 hours. When did your lo start getting into a predictable routine.. like with eating and naps during the day and stuff like that? I hope this makes sense... I am very sleep deprived right now haha.


mlm056 - November 5

hi... my ds is now 4 months. I used the Baby Whisper method (the author is Tracey Hogg -- highly recommend it). DS didn't take to the routine until about 8wks -- he was all over the map before that -- I was cross-eyed from being so tired! NOw he is a dream! To bed at 7pm -up a 6am -- feeds, naps 7-9, 10am feeds, naps 11am -1pm, 2 feeds, naps 4-5, 7pm feeds. The schedule is flexible... but it roughly goes that way... the Baby Whisperer book was a great help in getting me on the right track -- she has a 'schedule' chart that I used to keep in on track with feedings/naps -- good luck.


MelissaK - November 5

I too used Baby Whisperer, but from day 1! So we pretty much had a 2 hour routine starting by her second week. The only thing I screwed up though was our intial routine was 2 hours and I never extended it. DD is now about 8 weeks and we are only now moving towards a 3 hour routine :), but she seems to be handling it well. At this point she goes straight to bed at 7pm, dream feed at 10:30, and one night feed at about 3-4, then she waks between 6-7 (time change killed us!). Regular naps and feeds all day. I highly suggest this method, worked for us.


hthab - November 5

My ds started to be predictable during the day around 4 months, with 3 naps a day. By around 6 months, he was down to 2 naps a day. He didn't sleep through the entire night until around 8 months, so that's when nights finally became predictable, and I finally felt human again.


DDT - November 5

My ds was in a routine by 5-6 wks old. Also, used "The Baby Whisperer" (3rd series) as my basis. It is a great book and saved my sanity. It helped me understand my lo more, and realize how important a routine can be for some lo's. Now that my ds is 8 months old I still use it to touch base on some things I'm concerned or curious about. GL! BTW by 11wks he was sleeping 12hrs a night, and 3-4 naps a day. At 5-6 wks he was on a 3hr feeding routine and by 4 months changed to a 4hr routine. By 7 months he was on a 5-6hr feeding routine (3 bottles), 2 naps a day and 11-11.5hrs a night.


angelinakai - November 6

thank you guys so much. I'm going to buy that book right now :0)


MelissaK - November 6

LOL, I have used the Baby Whisperer book so much it's all tattered and beat up looking now! I can't believe how "dead on" the author is, it's like she used my baby as the "sample" baby, as DD responds so well to all the suggestions and techniques! And she now self soothes with her thumb instead of pac-y! (I bet those orthodontic bills will haunt me later).


wailing - November 6

My ds started getting on a better routine around 8wks. At 6wks he started sleeping better but it was really unpredicatable. Then at 11wks he was sleeping thru the nite. I used the Baby Whisperer and also Healthy Slepp Habits, Happy Child. That was a real helper.


JessC531 - November 7

Everybody swears by the baby whisperer, but it just did not work for me and my lo. I could not get her to sleep! She fights sleep with all her might, and the shush pat thing just wasn't cutting it. She's gotten a bit better now (13 weeks), but we still can't get on a routine like that. She's b___stfed and sometimes is hungry before the 3 hours is up. Especially at night. Are any of you who are using this book exclusively b___stfeeding?


Allisonc79 - November 8

The patting doesn't work with my lo either. It just seems to stir her up. So I would just let her sleep on my chest and thats what got her back to sleep quick. Now at 3 mo she is finally on a night schedule. On her own she started going to sleep at abt 7 and wakes up at 6. But I wind her down around 7 if she is still up.


krc - November 9

i don't recall my son ever being on a set routine. From the day I brought him home it was always changing after a week or 2. The 1st 2 months he pretty much slept round the clock, just when I got used to it he started to sleep on in the afternoon and be playful in the evening. After about 2-3 weeks of that it was reversed. Then he would go to bed around 9pm for a month, then it cwitched to 6pm. The only consistent thing was that he would take a 2-3 hour nap almost daily for the first 3-4 months. I personally didn't try to fit him into a routine. I was a stay-at-home mom with nothing really to do, so I let him make his own schedule. Fortunately, " his schedule" was a very laid back, easy one.



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