When Do You Start

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Deirdra - March 6

juice? lol....what age? like what kind? how much? do you water it down?


ssmith - March 6

Definitely water it down, like half water ~~ half juice. Apple, pear, prune juice are good. No citrus. I think you can start around 6 months, maybe earlier. Just be careful that you don't give to much juice that it interferes with the amount of milk they get....


LisaB - March 6

My ped said juice really doesn't have a place in los diet and that they should get their fruit from fruit. I agree juice has a ton of sugar and you don't want your lo to fill up on juice or to refuse water if juice is offered instead. So IMO juice is only good for when they are plugged up and even then I water it down.


krnj - March 6

I agree with LisaB. My son is a year and gets very little juice. My Mil is trying to push juice which is driving me NUTS!



I ditto what Lisab said.


mosley12 - March 6

when i took ds to his 4 month yesterday, the dr. said i could start him on juice ona regular basis. he has prune juice every once i awhile to help him get some things out, but only once every few weeks. but yesterday the dr. said i could give him some, and even let him start with a sippy cup to get the hang of it a bit..we tried, he hated it..lol..so i'll probably try again in a few weeks. but im not going to give it to him on a regular basis like everyone else. i'll keep him on it only when he needs it, and when he;s older a little more


piratesmermaid - March 6

I also agree w/ LisaB. Whenever dd's plugged up I try to give her some, and I water it down a lot. I read that it should be watered down 3parts water to every 1part juice. We put it in a sippy cup to try and get dd started on that, but she doesn't really get much out of it yet. We started it when Gretchen was 6months (that's what it says on the Gerber juices anyway!) :)


Nerdy Girl - March 7

I only give my kids diluted juice when they are sick and the doc tells me to keep them on clear fluids. Juice has never been part of their normal daily menu. Now that she's older, my preschooler will have a juicebox at a party or somewhere like that, but she still mainly drinks only milk or water.


Emily - March 7

I will proabably hear about this one, but I give my kids juice. Mary loves it. She drinks it and milk. Marcy will not take it much. I have tried watering it down, giving it straight, giving it warm, cold, and room temp, but she won't take it. Fine by me, one less thing I have to remember. But juice is so much easeir to cart around with me for Mry than milk and she wont drink water. Mary started with juice at 4 mos, She didn't take much of it til around 6 mos. She loves it to this day. She is healthy and happy and actaully prefers nuts, veggies, and fruits to candy. I figure she gets her sweets from her 100% no sugar added juice, then fine and she can snack on healthier foods. She doesn't even ask for sweets, she asks for salad. (the only sweets she asks for are the suckers she gets at the doc.)



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