When Do You Stop

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BriannasMummy - January 23

I just cant seem to remember when you stop sterilizing bottles and when you stop having to burp your baby. I guess its a 2 in one question. I know Kassidy is too little for either of these things.. just was curious.


aurorabunny - January 23

Well I just remembered to finally ask the bottle sterilizing question at my sons 6 month appointment and she said we could stop...but I don't know if you can stop before then or not, I never asked. On the burping, we still burp and he's almost 7 months old...maybe when they're pretty consistantly sitting up on there own? Only really know the answer to the first question, sorry!


hello - January 23

I was told at 12 months, burping is another issue with me.... My daughter still has a night bottle and if i dont tap her back a burp can pain her and keep her awake.... i thought it would stop when she is walking, i a__sume for everyone else it does haha...she is 19 months old so maybe someone else can tell ya when its meant to happen..


hello - January 23

Sorry i wasnt clear, 12 months you stop sterilising is what i was told and its only at night i tap my daughters back and sure enough out come a few burps.....


^lucy^ - January 23

i stopped burping my baby girl since she was 3 months old.. now she's 8 months old and i dont have to burp her,, she does her own business all by herself :p as far as sterilizing, i wont be any help for u cz im b___stfeeding


EricaLynn - January 23

I feed my daughter pumped b___st milk....and I steralize the bottles (well nipples I use playtex drop ins) and I only boiled them once. After the first steralization I just put them in the dishwasher or wash them with really hot soapy water. I dont think you have to steralize every time.


BriannasMummy - January 23

I also use the playtex bottles with the drop ins.. i still sterilize all of the nipples covers and round screw ons. I know with my first little girl I stopped burping her very early .. however I just wasnt sure if this was the same with all babies or just her. ~Kristin~


CaliTrish - January 23

I've never sterilized my son's bottles, but I did his pacifiers and some of the nipples. Dunno really why one and not the other. No ill effects either way and dh is 15 weeks now. My understanding is you only have to boil them once then just wash them with hot soapy water or the dishwasher.


SuzieQ - January 23

I was told that you should sterilize until they start putting their hands in their mouths because once they start doing that, they will be getting germs and everything in anyways :)


Steph - January 23

I never steralized with either of my kids. I'd always just put the bottles in the dishwasher. I did steralize Trevor's pacifiers when he had thursh, but that's it. With regard to burping, Trevor is almost 7 months old and burps on his own, and it's not always after every feeding. Usually when I put him over my shoulder, he just lets them rip!


drea - January 23

at my dd's 3 month check up my ped said not to sterilize anymore b/c they need to get some bacteria in their systems. As far as burping, I dont know. I'll have to ask that at my next appt (on the 29th)


Kara H. - January 23

For us, sterilzing is easier. We have one of those nifty microwave steam sterilizers. It uses plain tap water and its completely done in 6 minutes. Our dishwasher is the kind that you have to wash everything before you put it into the dishwasher. So after a give them their pre-wash, they would be in the dishwasher for like 35-45 minutes. It is faster and easier to just fill a dishpan, suds up all the bottle parts, rinse them and load them into the sterilizer. I can have a days worth of botttles clean and sterilized in less than 15 minutes. We plan on giving up the bottle by 1 so I imagine we will continue to sterilize until then. As for burping, Max makes a certain noise when he needs to burp, but its not very often. Maybe once a day.


BriannasMummy - January 24

Thank you all sooo much!! Its really important info that I cant believe I forgot!! ~Kristin~



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