When Do You STOP Cereal

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shelly22 - January 16

I'm just curious, my son is 11 months old and is starting to refuse alot of things that I feed him. He wants to feed himself all the time. Somedays I can get him to eat it and some days not a bite, when are you supposed to stop? I know its packed with iron so I want to give it to him as long as possible.


Bonnie - January 16

2 years. However, I stopped baby cereal a month ago (he is 11 months as well). Now he eats cream of wheat, oatmeal, Kix, Cheerios...all of which have iron. Soem days he gets eggs instead (I rebelled ont hat one, lol)


shelly22 - January 16

Hi Bonnie, is your baby giving you a hard time lately with feeding him from a spoon too?


jb - January 17

I am so bad with the cereal! I stopped a while ago! I will have to be very good about making sure my dd gets enough iron when we stop formula. I am not concerned now because there is iron in her formula. Shelly....my dd is 11 months and I have a hard time feeding her with a spoon. Thats one of the reasons for no cereal! She just likes to feed herself. On occasion I can get half of a yogart in her before she rips the spoon out of my hand. Sometimes I give her a spoon and I use another one. Eventually she will grab the one I have, but at the same time I will grab the one she has.


Bonnie - January 17

Mason goes back and forth about what he will eat and won't. He won't touch baby cereal anymore, but he loves adult oatmeal and cream of wheat. Then again, I give him the instant sugared. The extra sugar helps his rear-end since he is constipated a lot and he eats mostly healthy so Im not worried about the added sugar. If he is not in the mood for a spoon and I waste a bowl of slop, the I resort to kix, Cheerios, and the freeze dried fruit and let him do it himself. I also rebelled and started eggs a little early which he LOVES. But I only give them a couple times a week.


shelly22 - January 17

Jb, I stopped formula about 3 weeks ago thats why I'm so concerned about the iron. Maybe I'll try the regular oatmeal or maybe eggs. Bonnie, does he feed himself the eggs or does he let you spoon feed him those?


Bonnie - January 17

He picks up the big pieces of scrambles and I scoop up the little ones, lol


rl- - January 17

I stopped the cereal at around 10 months but he gets oatmeal like the quaker instant oatmeal and other things now for breakfast but a couple of weekends ago my dh let me sleep in and got up and fed ds and when I got up I saw that he had fed him the rice cereal even though i have big box of the varity pack of oatmeal and ds still ate the rice cereal LOL I swear my ds would eat dirt if it was on a spoon he is so NOT picky guess I got lucky...LOL!!


shelly22 - January 18

Jb, thanks for the wonderful idea!! After about 15 minutes of him not eating his cereal I thought of what you said and gave him a spoon. He ate all his cereal as soon as I let him have the 1 spoon!! LOL, and It worked at dinner too! How funny. Bonnie, I gave Evan eggs with cheese this morning for the 1st time and he LOVED them! the cheese made them stick together so I just gave him little chunks on his highchair and he ate them himself-he ate 2 eggs and his applesauce! What kind of fruits to you give to your independent eater?


sahmof3 - January 18

I stopped plain cereal at about 8-9 months because they wouldn't eat it plain, but would mix it into regular food to bulk it up and so they would get their grains. When they were a little older we did cream of wheat. Now my 18 month old just eats regular cereal (he loves Kix and Cheerios!!) with milk and is totally spoon-feeding himself. Yay!!!



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