When Do You Switch From Carrier To Car Seat

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mosley12 - February 10

ds is 3 1/2 months old, and we have an eddie bauer travel system for him, but it seems like he's already outgrowing the carrier! its so hard to get him in it with the straps and we cant find where the instructions are to see if it expands any more than we already did, so when did you guys switch to a reg. car seat? any one with the eddie bauer know how it works?


Ashleyg - February 10

look under the material, between his legs towards the front of the seat...there is a little metal piece that you can push to loosen the straps...i didnt know how to do it either until i read our instructions...i thought for sure that my little b___terball had grown out of his seat too!


mandee25 - February 10

Mine says I can use it until ds weighs 22 lbs. Mine is easy to adjust. He probably will be in it for a few more months anyway.


Shea - February 10

Mine I think went to 24 lbs - ds is 1yr and only 22.5lbs, and I just switched this month because I have him front facing now. I will say that there was no way I actually carried him around in it towards the end- but it was nice because we had 2 bases and put it in whichever car we needed it in. Also, if ds was asleep, I could heft it into a cart or his stoller,


lin7604 - February 11

they say once they hit 22 lbs. if his legs are hanging out the end too, then it's time to upgrade. My ds is 17.5 lbs and 16 weeks on tuesday and his legs are hanging out the front. We will move him up to the new one when he hits 4 months on the 24th. I just like the convienence of being able to carry him and click him into the stroller... so much easier, especially if they fell asleep as most of the time he does as he is still young but just big.


megzi_03 - February 11

I switched my dd at four months. Her legs weren't hanging off yet, but she is a bigger girl. With her winter coat on, she was extremely uncomfortable in the seat.


drea - February 11

same with me, my dd is big and with it being winter and having her all bundled up it takes like a half an hour just to get her straped in and she hates it and look sooo uncomfortable. I'm actuall ordering a convertable car seat this week. Besides, my dd is getting too heavy to carry in the travel system. mosley....in my travel system (Graco Safe Seat) you can adjust the shoulder straps to 3 different level from the back of the seat, I dont know if the Eddie Bauer one is the same, you could try and google it for the instruction manual.


sarahbaby11 - February 12

most are 22 lbs for a weight on the seat and the height varies. go online and get a 1-800 number for eddie bauer or there may be one on the seat tag. call and ask for another manual for the seat. personally i put my daughter in a rear facing convertible at 6 months. the carrier got to heavy for me so i had no use for it. its easiest once he can seat on his own so you can buy a carriage seat cover and out him in the cart if you go out. those infant seat things are never cleaned on carts. also just a reminder...the seat you buy has to fit facing backwrds in your car so check on that...some stores will let you bring your car to the door to try it. also look for one with a recline feature since he is young and lacks some neck support. last i know this is a pain since it is winter but never have the winter coat on your baby while in the seat. take it off and put it on backwards over the straps or use blankets. if you are in an accident the padding in the coat will compress and can leave enough room for baby to come out of the seat. a lot of mothers don't realize this. also never but something between the seat and baby like another blanket.


sahmof3 - February 12

Yeah... sarahbaby's right. Most have a height limit, too. My carseat's was 26" and since ds was born at 22 3/4" lol... it wasn't long until he was in a convetible carseat rear-facing.


luviduvi - February 12

I switched once my daughters legs seemed to be getting too long for the carrier.


mosley12 - February 12

we were able to get the straps to release more by pressing a b___ton and we took out the addtional head support that was in it, and it gave him more room. we're gonna start looking around for a new car seat now though because i dont think he'll be in it much longer..any suggestions?


SuzieQ - February 12

We went to a reg car sear at three months - dd was 15lbs, and her "big" car seat was designed for 5-80 lbs. Her infant seat was getting so hard to lug around and she disliked being in a laying down position.


mosley12 - February 12

for those of you who put your los in a car seat while they were youger, when you went to the store, how did you carry them? ds is almost 4 months old, and can hold his head well, but wouldnt be able to sit in the front of the cart.


Kara H. - February 12

Most infant carriers have a length limit of 24-26 inches depending on model. Ours was 24 inches so Max out grew it in length when he was only 4 1/2 months old - but he only weighed 15 lbs at the time. I can't imagine carrying around a kid in one of those infant carriers who weighs 20lbs! I thought I was going to tear my rotator cuff in my shoulder carrying him in that thing at 15lbs!


sahmof3 - February 12

I tried to avoid taking him to the store, actually lol. But, when I had to I used my front carrier.


KLT - February 13

So what are some good possibilities that you all recommend? My son is 4 months and almost 17lbs..he's getting too big for his carrier and certainly too heavy for me to lug in and out of the car in and up 3 flights of stairs. What brand car seats do you recommend I look into?



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