When Do You Take Bumpers Out Of Crib

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squished - March 31

When are you supposed to remove your crib bumpers? What signs from baby do you look for? My ds moves all over the place, but can't stand up yet, so they are still in there. At times I find his face smashed up against them and they are making me nervous, but doesn't he still need them in there to protect his head, arms and legs? He's 9 months.


cors1wfe - March 31

I never removed the bumpers from my sons crib - sometimes he would smash his face but his little body will make him move around - I don't think he can smother himself or anything - he's plenty old enough though if it bothers you take it out.....he'll be ok either way


mjvdec01 - March 31

You are suppose to remove the bumper as soon as your baby can roll over. Once that happens you need to get a 'breathable bumper' You can buy them at Babies 'R' Us. They keep the baby's arms and legs from getting stuck in the slats and if they roll up against it they can still get air. Babies have suffocated having rolled up against the regular bumper, it just isn't safe once they can roll.


eclectic66 - March 31

Ds is 8 months and we have a breathable bumper. I was going to remove it when he was 7 months, but since he is not a very major mover in the crib we have just left it. I will remove it once he is much more mobile, but for peace of mind try the breathable bumpers. They can get their face up against it and still breathe.


DDT - March 31

I removed them when ds started sitting up on his own from laying. At that time he also started pulling the side of the bumpers down. I believe he was about 7 months old. It took some adjusting on his part for a few days but it was fine. They will hit their heads a couple of times but then will learn.


clindholm - April 1

I removed them before my dd slept one night in the crib. I read a study that found them to be a big SIDS risk.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - April 1

DD is 7 months and hasnt really ever been in her crib til now...I am removing the bumper today because she pulls it and it unties. So I don't want it in there. I will look into the breathable ones though, never heard of them til now.


TinaSos - April 1

I removed it at 6months she was able to roll over alot. At first she did bump her head, stick her arms, legs out but she figured it out soon and is fine without it. She does like to throw her binky out though.


wailing - April 1

I had to take mine out at about 6 months. Lo was using it to stand on and mashing it down. Plus I was afraid he would get all tangled up in it b/c he is so active in his crib. I was afraid he would hit his head against the crib, but we've had no problems. He tosses and turns so much it's much better not having it in there. Most Dr's tell u to remove it at 6 months


Prego1 - April 2

I took mine at 6 months although I should have done it sooner than that. DD gets stuck inside, she used to pull it and sneak underneath. Very dangerous. Later on she started just pulling them til they would come off completely. She chewed on them too. LOL. At first she used to bump her head all the time but I think she realized it because now she doesn't anymore.


squished - April 4

Thanks you guys! I went and got the breathable bumpers. Now when he smooshes his face in the corner he can still breath and I feel much better!


Cathy2 - April 4

I think the question is, when do you put them in? It is not advisable to have bumpers in at all until the bay is at least 1 year old...and "waiting until the can move, roll over etc.." is like playing devils roulette...you never want them to do something for the first time when you're not around and it's unsafe.



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