When Do You Use Stage 2 Foods

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Gretta - October 2

My dd is 7 months this week - can I use Stage 2 foods? What is the difference?


DDT - October 2

I believe the difference is consistency. The stage 2 is slighter thicker than stage 1. You can start using stage 2 if you feel your lo is ready. Give it a try and if she gags then she isn't ready. My ds is 7.5 months and can eat tofu which is the same consistency as cottage cheese. Pretty lumpy! GL.


DB - October 2

At our 6 month appt. our pediatrician said to move to stage 2 foods. I honestly can't even tell the difference in Gerber Stage 2 foods...they're still VERY pureed! You also get more for your $ with Stage 2's...they're bigger than 1's and the same price! The other thing is they have combinations where stage 1's are just single ingredients. Stage 2 food is more fun, imo...I had already moved from rice cereal to oatmeal at that point..it's a bit thicker and much tastier :)


Gretta - October 3

I went out and bought a whole bunch of stage two and we will see! You are right there is not much difference and she does well with thicker oatmeal. Have you gals tried puffs or finger foods yet? DDT - did you mush the tofu?


javidsgirl - October 3

when do you start stage one 1?


DDT - October 3

Gretta: Yeah, I buy the soft plain tofu and then mush it with a fork. Then I add about 2tbsp of a fruit or veggie to it. My ds loves it...I personally hate the stuff, but its so good for him. I started finger foods when ds was 6.5-7 months old. So far all I've tried are: Cheerios, puffs, pieces of avocado, nectarine, teething cookies & wagon wheels. He is still working on his pincher grasp to pick up the little things but he can munch/chew on the bigger stuff. javidsgirl: you start stage 1 after you've introduced cereal to your lo for about 3-4 wks. You can start cereal no younger than 4 months old if you feel your lo is ready.



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