When Does Being Tongue Tied Become A Problem

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Shanna - June 30

At her six month check up, her doc noticed her tongue had a 'dent' when she stuck it out which I've noticed too and mentioned that we really did not need to do anything about it now but if it became an issue when she got older, we could get that skin snipped. So, you moms who have/had a tongue-tied baby, at what age did you notice your little one having trouble because of it? right now, dd seems ok, she drolls quite a bit and I don't know if that is due to the tongue tie or she could be teething, she can stick her tongue out quite far and she is 'talking' quite a bit, mainly says 'mom'. am thinking she may not have any issues with this.


Jessie V - June 30

I had the same thing when I was a baby. Mine never stopped me from talking(just ask my mom!!!)


Laurabb4 - June 30

Hello, my youngest 2 boys were born tongue tied. When we had our third we noticed his in the hospital. We had it snipped that week. For feeding and speech sake. Then we thought to check our middle boy. He was 2 at the time. He was not talking much. We decided to get his tongue done for speech reasons. We wish we would have caught it when he was younger. Some kids stretch it out themselves. Depends on the severity. Check with an ENT doctor.


shari - June 30

Hi Shanna...my 7 month old also has a tongue-tie. I noticed it right away, like the first month and I was wondering the same thing. Will it ever be a problem..? My doctor said that as long as it didn't interfere with sucking or talking she didn't seem too worried about it. So far my son eats and babbles fine. Breastfeeding was really painful though..and I read somehwere that it's not unusual for that to be the case....I switched to bottles after 4 months, when b___stfeeding wasn't getting any less painful. I also read that in most cases, by the time they are a year old, the tongue will have grown in length and the tongue tie will be less prominent. But with my little guy, it looks pretty much the same as when he was born, so I wonder if he will eventually have to have it snipped. Sounds like it hasn't been a problem for your baby, either. Let's hope they'll just out grow them.


Shanna - June 30

she has a really strong suck, trying to pop her pacifier out sometimes is rough! i hope it causes no problems for her but sounds like a simple procedure if she needs it done



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