When Does Cord Fall Off

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name - November 24

DD's cord took 7 weeks to fall off. DS is now 11 days old and honestly it doesn't look like it's going to fall off anytime soon. When I lift it up to put alcohol on it it still looks white/flesh colored.


lmk - November 24

My son's fell off after about 2.5 weeks. I thought they always fell off before a month.


DDT - November 24

My ds's cord took about 2 wks to fall off. I used alcohol after day 10. Once I started using that it started drying up really quickly. If it doesn't look infected or have a funky smell coming from it then I wouldn't worry. You already mentioned that your dd's cord took 7 wks (wow!) to fall off so maybe the same will happen with your son. Of course, if you are worried give your ped a call but I am sure s/he will tell you to keep applying the alcohol at every changing.


lin7604 - November 25

for my ds it was about 1 month. The darn thing just wanted to hang around...


josie4 - November 25

My son is 19 days old and he still has a tiny little piece hanging there.


jeni23 - November 25

I just used clean water the clean my sons cord and it feell off in 5 days,my hospital doesnt reccomend using alchol any more.


jeni23 - November 25

With my daughters it took weeks with alchol.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - November 26

2 weeks exactly for my daughter


c_baer19 - November 26

I think my DD's fell off after about 10-14 days. I never used alcohol on it or anything, just kept it dry.


chrissi79 - November 26

DD's cord fell off within the first week!!


MrsLisaRenee - November 27

5 days for my daughter then two weeks healing with a scab.


Gretta - November 27

I think you can take them in to have it removed if it goes a real long time. My daugter's took 2 weeks.


beeniestar - November 27

My son's fell off today. He is 13 days old.


name - November 27

He's 2 weeks old today. Do you guys know how if you roast a marshmellow and burn it, then pull off the outer layer and the inside of the marshmellow stays on the stick? Well that's how his cord is, you can lift up the outer layer (not far, maybe 3/4 cm) and there is still the inner layer which is white. Weird. He screams when I do this. I thought that it wasn't suppose to hurt since they're are no nerves there...


Crystal83 - November 27

it can be anywhere from 7-18 days my Dr. told me. My dd's fell off at 6 days and it didn't look anywhere near close to falling off and then the next mornng it was just laying there. So don't worry it'll fall off soon, when you least expect it probably.



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