When Does Diaper Change Top Being Such A Trauma To Baby

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Christy - November 29

Ben is three weeks old and hates having his diaper changed. When will it stop being such an ordeal for him?


Maria - November 29

Hi Christy, my 6 week old daughter doesn't like having her diaper changed as well. I have found that when she is full, and I change her diaper, she is fine, and doesn't cry. Also, I run the baby wipes under warm water before I wipe her with them because they are too cold on her bum and hates it, I mean who wouldn't! Hope this helps!


ally - November 29

I do what maria does, my daughter is fine but after sleeping all nite as bad as it sounds i give her a bottle first then change and dress her in the morning, she is more civilised with a full tummy and generally is excellent with it, when she was waking in the nite time i would have to do it when she woke and she was usually not too bad.


Lesley - November 29

I don't use wipes unless I'm out. Cotton woll in warm water is what I've always used untill they start having stiff poos. Unless he is hungry he is ok with nappy changes.


monica - November 29

my son use to hate it and cry bloody murder when he got his diaper changed, change of clothes, and bath time. He stopped crying during his diaper and clothe change at about 6 weeks. Bath time took longer I got him a new tub and that helped......from the first night in his new tub he stopped crying.


Jbear - November 29

My daughter used to cry when her diaper was changed, but she stopped at about five or six weeks. I think some of it was the temperature of the wipes, and the fact that she didn't like being uncovered.


Sarah - November 29

My daughter is 3 months now and loves getting her diaper changed. Sometimes it's the only way she will calm down. When they get a little older it's not so traumatizing.


Christy - November 29

I think it might be the cold wipes. We bought a wipe warmer at a secondhand store, but I am not sure how to use it since it had no instructions. Ben likes baths, especially if I keep dripping warm water all over him. He hates getting toweled off and dressed afterwards though.


Jenn... - November 29

Does he get upset every time? Or is it just when changed with a full tummy? Sometimes when they are in that position and then you lift their little legs it sends some of their milk/formula back up and aggrevates reflux problems.


*leslie* to christy - November 29

Christy how does your wipe warmer looks like I have one that I thought it was tricky at first but its very easy to use, maybe we have the same one.


Steven's Mom - November 30

For my baby shower I got a wiper warmer it's great! Each wipe is always warm! Recently my son has been a little difficult when he gets dressed I just give him a toy to try to distract him,he's 5 month's old, good luck.


momma - November 30

my daughter hated getting her diper changed at first but now she seems to like it (who would want wetness aginst them or poop) anyway last night when i was changing her diaper she rolled over peed and laugher her head off it was soo cute


lisa - November 30

i agree with the change after feed, there like " ive had my milk now so whatever goes" also making sure its warm. still not her favorite activity though!!!



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