When Does It Get Better

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angelinakai - October 25

My son is 4 weeks old and I'm wondering when I should expect him to sleep longer thru the night. I am not getting any sleep at all. I don't mind too much bc I know its temporary, but I have no idea at all when they start sleeping longer.


lin7604 - October 25

my ds was up every 2 hrs up till abouot 2 months and then he started to go 3. At 6 months he started to sleep through, roughly 7-7. Now at 1 year ( as of the 24th) he sleeps 8-7. I was very sleep deprived too and i remember how tired i was, especially the first 3 months.


kimberly - October 25

It really depends on the baby. My oldest didn't ever sleep well. He was atleast a year old before he began to sleep the whole night. My second slept well from about 7 weeks on. He would wake once to eat and then go right back to sleep. My dd is 10 weeks now and she has some good nights now, but I would say about 3 nights a week are bad, but she is getting better. But, usually they start getting better around 6 weeks.


blueeyesin619 - October 25

All babies are different. I know someone who has a 3 month old and her lo is sleeping solid from 8-8. Mine on the other hand is 13 weeks and wakes up to eat once before 7am (usually around 4) She still wakes up one other time out of habit still. Hang in there. I thought I was never going to get any sleep but it truly does get better. Just know it WON'T last forever :)


DDT - October 25

My ds started sleeping through (7-7) at 11wks old. At 8-9 wks he was going 5hrs between feeds.


TiffanyRae - October 25

My LO is 11 weeks and gets up every three hours. It seems every four weeks or so he added another hour! When he first came home we were up ALL the time...now it is getting better...I am just looking forward to the 7-7 days! :)


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - October 26

My dd is almost 2 months and is still waking up every two hours...I can't sleep at all but Im getting used to it finally. What sucks is she hurts me when i b___stfeed so i have to make her bottles. its such a pain, but as i said im finally getting used to it. she does sleep from 10-3 some nights. but that isn't often at all


mamagoose - October 26

My ds started sleeping a 6 hour stretch at 5 months, and made it to a 10 hour stretch at 6 months. I nurse him around 6am, and he goes back to sleep until 7:30-8am.


KristinTone - October 26

Are you b___stfeeding? Babies that are nursing wake up more often because they don't stay full as long. I would say in the next 3 or 4 weeks you will notice your son sleeping longer. Maybe even all night! My daugter does and she is 12 weeks.


lovingmotherhood - October 26

Good question! My lo is 3 months old and still waking every one to two hours to nurse! NOT FUN! from weeks 8-11 she would only wake two times a night. It seems like we are regressing:(



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