When Does Spit Up End

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emilysmommy - May 28

For those with babies that had excessive spit-up, when did it finally end? My dd is almost 4 months now and still spit-ups a lot and she drools a lot also. I sometimes have to change her clothes 3 or 4 times a day and it's getting to where I'm just almost always keeping a bib on her. I switched to the Dr. Brown bottles and it has made a huge difference in her demeaner (she loves to eat from them and really guzzles the formula) but she still spit-ups a whole lot.


JAI - May 28

My son will be 7 months tomorrow, and he still spits up a bit and as for the drooling, they do that because of teething.


Bonnie - May 28

Are you the same Emilysmommy on infantrefluxdisease.com?.....anyway, they usually grow out of it around 1 year depending on the severity. It usually peaks at 4-5 months so you are coming up on the worst period then it should start getting better.


cush74 - May 28

When my son started crawling was when the spitting up slowed down and then stopped.


Chelle - May 28

My daughter use to spit up a lot also. And like yours she would go through 3-4 outfits a day and half my laundry was burp clothes. The spitting up probably peaked around 5 or 6 months then slowed down. She's almost 10 months and now that she's crawling and sitting up she hardly ever spits up.


amyh - May 28

My daughter was spitting up a ton until about 3 months. Now, it still happens after a good burp, but not as often. I am always sure to keep her upright for 10-15 minutes after a feeding and that seems to help too.


HannahBaby - May 28

my daughter spit up at least once everyday until she was off of formula and on cows milk....formula is the worst!!


hrsmith - May 28

My son is 7 mo. old and he is definitely tyhe KIng of spit-up! He spit up when I b___stfed, he spits up no matter what brand of bottle it is, I think my little honey just spits up to spit up!!! I think his some of the problem is that he loves to eat, and won't stop until I stop him. He could just eat and eat and eat. However, i know that even if I were to give him a 4oz bottle, he will still spit up some time later. Unfortunately, I have gotten used to the never ending amount of laundry because of the spit up and drool, but... I think he is finally starting to cut his first tooth! My son cracks me up. In between the spitting up and drooling, my son will actually LIFT his leg to fart!!! Is he all Boy or what!!


Bonnie - May 28

" my son will actually LIFT his leg to fart!!! "..............ROFL


JEN - May 28

Hey hrsmith- are we sharing the same baby...? : ) My hubby, ds and I were looking at houses today and ds not only tooted, he literally blew his diaper off in front of the sales lady! And talk about smelly!!!! Of course, he thought it was the funniest thing ever. Then we went to rent a movie and the lady behind us was talking to my ds, and he proceeded to projectile spit up his carrots and rice all over her! I felt so bad, but again, he laughed out loud- he is such a little ham. I'm with you- ALL BOY LOL!!!!


emilysmommy - May 28

Thanks for your posts ladies..:) I feel better now...lol. Bonnie, no I'm not the emilysmommy on that site but I think my Emily may have a mild case of infant reflux but thankfully it's not so severe that she requires medication.



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