When Does Teething Start

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Heather F - June 27

just curious!


babyO - June 27

My mom just calld me and told me that she sees a little tooth coming through on my son and he will be 7 months July 3rd! he has had symptoms for about 2-3 months now..I am excited to see his little teeth but a little scared due to the bf ;o


Christy - June 27

My son started showing sigsn of teething around 8 or 10 weeks, and has had them on and off since then. He is 7.5 months old, but no teeth yet!


Ang - June 27

Gabriel started all the chewing and drooling business around 3 months -- he'll be 6 months tomorrow and his first 2 teeth broke through yesterday! :) There are two more on the way -- not broekn yet but definately coming through soon. No wonder he was such a fuss pot for the past 2 weeks.


Bonnie - June 27

The teething pain, drooling, and crying can start many months before the suckers actually pop through. This is one of thsoe things NOT talked about enough before people get pregnant! ;)


kvilendrer - June 27

Ang, my 8 month old son was the same way...signs of teething around 4 months...first 2 teeth around 6 months...and 2 more on the way!


ry - June 27

thats intereseting, i was wondering because my 12 week old has started getting really fussy and screams suddenly (i cant find a reason) and always has her hand in her mouth and has started drooling. maybe teething or just normal baby activity?


Ang - June 27

Ry, sounds like teethng to me. Gabriel had melt down after melt down and I couldn't figure out why until these two little teeth popped up and sat there for about a week before breaking through.


ry - June 27

Ang, how old was he when this happend?


Ang - June 27

That was about 3 weeks ago when he just screamed non-stop and would clap down the second I let him jab my thumb in his mouth. the drooling/chewing/all around gross beavior (LOL) started when he was about 2 1/2-3 months.


ralhun - June 27

My DS was 3 months when he started the grizzeling, chewing and drooling. Now he is only just 5 months and the 2 front teeth have broken through


ashtynsmom - June 28

Same here. Ashtyn is 5 mos with no teeth, but has been drooling, chewing and grinding since about 3 mos. If I put my finger in her mouth she chops down so hard with those hard little gums that it actually hurts!! I can't wait for her firs tooth. It will make all of this fussing and drooling worth it!! :)


grendelcat - June 28

I am also going through this now -- it started at about 3 mo's and dd is 4 mo's now -- no teeth yet though! It really seems to affect her sleeping, she used to sleep most of the night in her bed, and now she cries unless she sleeps in our bed -- anyone else going through this?


Nerdy Girl - June 28

My 7 month old has SEVEN TEETH! He is a huge baby, and with all those teeth, he really looks much older than he is. My daughter, now age 3, didn't get her first tooth until she was almost 6 months old. So you can imagine my surprise when my son's two lower teeth popped through a day after he turned 4 months. Then all four of his front uppers came in during the same week when he was 6 months old. He was miserable that week... Poor kid.


Nerdy Girl - June 28

Ok, you can clearly see that I have Mommy Brain. That adds up to SIX teeth, not seven teeth. Can you believe I used to be a math tutor? LOL!


mama3 - June 29

my 7 week old dd has been drooling, putting her fist in her mouth and has been very fussy. I can't find anything that makes her happy. She gets like this about 4-5 times a day now. She so young. Could she be teething already? My older daughters didn't start till about 4-5 months of age. If she is teething is there anything safe to give her?


Heather F - June 29

UPDATE: I asked my pedi because Shaina has been unconsolable today - he said the average baby girl has her first tooth by 4 months of age and is teething already by 3 1/2 months....he said give her teething rings, ambersol sparingly and tylonal.....Thanks for all the resonses!!



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