When I Take Something Away From Him

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mayaB - January 23

He cries and sort of throws a tantrum. (it was cute about the first two times.. and then arghhhhhh!!) He's about 8.5 months old now. What is the correct way to react to this? Is it the right age for these sort of tantrums?


BreaunasMommy - January 23

If your taking away something he shouldnt have like a remote or something like that, that is not toy I would just do an exchange. Take the "remote" and give an interisting toy of his.


mayaB - January 23



ashtynsmom - January 23

My dd started this about 9 mos, too. She is One Today- and they are better, believe it or not. I would take it away and say "No" She would throw her fit, and I would walk away. She would eventually get the hint, and go about her business. If she didn't I would pick her up and say "NO" and then get her a toy or someting to calm her down.


Rabbits07 - January 23

That's natural at that age. Mason acts like I've punched him if I take something from him....lol. Like BreaunasMommy stated, it is best when you take something from them that they aren't allowed to have to replace it with something they can have. As far the tantrum if it still occurs, just put baby in a safe place where he can't get hurt (such as his pack-n-play or in the wide open floor) if he decides to throw himself back and just ignore it. No point in trying to calm him because the only thing that will calm him immediately is to give back whatever you took and you sure don't want to teach that lesson. Just ignore it and in a a minute or so he'll get over it and decide the toy you gave him to replace it is pretty nice after all ;-)


Ca__sJ - January 23

My son just started doing this and he is only six months old. Ahhh. I have never heard of babies having temper tantrums that young.


ash2 - January 23

Hey maya..This is actually a great age to introduce the word " NO " ! I have actaully had to start it early with this one then my oldest. If he is throwing a temper tantrum ( like mine does when i change his diaper, ) say in a firm and direct voice ( not loud or yelling ) " NO" and having a firm voice rather then the soft, gentle voice he is used to will definantly get his attention.



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