When Increasing Oz S Did Your Child Tend To

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lin7604 - January 15

I have been wondering lately with my ds about his oz intake. During the day i find he will eat 4.5 oz every 2 hrs sometimes may go 2.5 hrs and that's it! If he eats more then that during the day he will spit up the rest a short bit later or he just stops eating. BUT at night before bed he will drink a 7oz bottle no problem and then a 6oz one at his 1-2am feeding? how is that? I tried today thinking that if i try to increase his oz during the day and he eats it then maybe, just maybe he will go 3 , 3.5 hrs between feedings. Well he ate a 5.5 oz bottle and then still wanted to eat 2 hrs later, screaming his head off like he didn't eat in ages. ISn't it normal the more they drink in a sitting the longer they can go? or is it my imagination? He is 12 weeks on tuesday and if i let him he would eat more then 40 oz a day but doesn't seem to complain with 32oz???? I'm confused about the whole thing.


AshleyB - January 15

I would introduce a little rice cereal if he's drinking too much milk and doesn't seem satisfied. My personal opinion.


lin7604 - January 15

actually i do in his evening bottle, 1 tsp per oz. I just thought that if he was taking in more per feeding that he would be able to go longer, wouldn't you?


Erynn21 - January 15

I'd say let him eat, as long as he's not getting out of whack on his growth charts, like getting too huge, he needs to eat. He probably has a high metabolism, and that combined w/ a growth spurt a baby can eat and eat. My dd is bfed, but once a week my hubby takes care of her and she gets frozen milk, some days it's 12 oz others 24, it just depends on what their little systems are doing on that particular day.


lin7604 - January 16

well i incerased all ths daytime bottles to 5 oz and he was still up every 2 hrs at night but still oly had 2 nighttime feedings. When do they go throught a growth spurt? He is 12 w today! IG i let him he will eat 40 oz a day no problem with no complaints, but he seemed to eat 32 oz this past week with no complaints either, so should i still give 32 or 40??? that is the question? If he is the same and fine with either. He didn't want to eat more oftern, still every 2 hrs when he had 32 oz a day or 40, it never changed.


mosley12 - January 16

lin, my DS is the exact same age as yours. he eats about 6 oz every 4-5 hours during the day, and at night we give him 7-8 and he'll sleep from about 11 -6. he gets about 33 oz or so a day. we also put a scoop or so of cereal in every bottle. maybe yo u could try that?


lin7604 - January 16

mosley12: you put cereal in all his bottles? Even the ones during the day? I do put cereal in his bedtime bottle at 8 pm but that is it, 1 tsp per oz. I wish my ds would go 4-5 hours between feedings insteadof this 2 hour s**t.


lin7604 - January 16

oh and i decided tagain today to increase his bottle today ( 5oz) to see if he would eat in a longer stretch and he would spit up about a ounce after, so i guess it's too much for him during the day? Why can he take it at night then?


mosley12 - January 17

yep we put it in every bottle. we started on doing it at night, and slowly increased it. now we replace one scoop of formula for a scoop of cereal, so with a 6 oz bottle, we do 2 scoops formula 1 scoop cereal


bbelmore - January 17

I don't know, but in my personal experience introducing cereal did nothing to keep him full or help him sleep...even now at 9.5 months he doesn't sleep through the night. Babies are different, some things work for some that don't for others.



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