When Is It REALLY Their First Word

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pregnantjackie - November 25

Hi Ladies. First of all happy belated thanksgiving. I was wondering when a baby's first word 'counts'...last night we were getting boogers out of our lo's nose with the 'suction' contraption. My DH was suctioning out baby's nose. Well, little Liam HATES being suctioned! He was crying and crying. Then he said "Mama! Mama!" About 8 times. He's said it kind of before but this was really clear. Anyway, my husband says that doesnt count as his first word because he's crying as he says it. So he hands Liam to me. Then I start suctioning his nose, and he starts crying saying "Dada!" until I hand him to his father. Once DH was suctioning his nose he was crying "Mama" again. I have read that a first word counts when it is clear and he understands the definition of what he is saying. That definitely described him last night. But heres the thing, he's 3 months old as of today. Thats kind of early to talk right? I knew he would be early with communication because I was talking at five months and DH was signing early (both parents were deaf) but three months???? Isnt that extreme? He's behind with things like rolling over but it seems like hes WAY ahead in communicating...


DB - November 25

WOW. That is soooo early!!! My dd is almost 10 months and still doesn't say mama consistently. She says dada constantly, but not to my dh. So, I'm not quite sure if at 3 months you can call that talking?!?! But, if it were me, I'd say his first word was mama!!


DDT - November 25

From what I've read they only start to directly connect a word to a person/thing starting from about 9-10 months old. My ds (9 months old) says Mama when he's upset and Dada constantly when he's babbling. The other morning when df walked into the room ds waved to him and said "Hi Dada" we were both shocked but because it was only a one time thing and we didn't hear it again we are not counting that as a first word/s. In all honesty at 3 months I don't think your ds knows what he's saying. His brain hasn't matured to that yet...but hey I could be wrong! Most babies babble mama when they are upset...have no clue why though.


pregnantjackie - November 25

Yea, thats what I'm wondering. could his brain POSSIBLY be this developed already? He is 3 months as of TODAY. But what he did last night, shocked the pants off both my husband and I...it was so clear and he was saying the name of the parent that was NOT suctioning him. He did this consistantly a few times. And heres the thing, there are videos of when I was a baby and I was saying some words at 5 months, by nine months speaking fluently. DH and I have been teaching him words and sign language for hours a day since he was born. DH and I both work at home and business has not been very demanding so he constantly has both parents interacting with him. I truly think babies realize more than we think. He's been signing milk for weeks now, and trying so hard to sign i love you. still cant roll over though.


Gretta - November 25

Okay now I am bummed after reading this because my DD is almost 9 months and she says DADA all the time but has made no mention of MAMA to date. She even says Dad. Ah-Boo-Ah is her other favorite word as well. LOL!!!


pregnantjackie - November 27

Dada is normally the first word, its easier for babies. LO said Mommy in the swing yesterday but hasn't said much since. I think the only reason he is trying to talk so early is both parents are constantly around him. He's a spoiled one.....


mommybabyboy21 - November 27

my baby at about four months old when he gets up set he will say mamamamamama and look at me if I am not holding him but other than that he only babals about nothing in particular....haha expect he doesn't even say dadada even babaling because no one says that word around him. (he doesn't have a daddy long story) He is now five months old and he still will say mamamam when he is upset but that is it. Sometimes in the morning when I says "hi" he sounds like he says it back but its not every morning so I really dont count it but I think he is starting to understand.


lin7604 - November 27

my son at 3 months was saying mama all the time. then it stopped at around 5 months and went to dada. Then nothing ! He is 13 months now and a chatter box but none of them really are words, he will say dada, yum, num, num ( for food) but that's it now. I haven't heard him say mama in a long time. He knows who mama, dada, adn grandpa is but won't really say them.



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