When Is SIDS No Longer A Threat

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jacksonsmommy - February 21

How old does my baby need to be before I can stop worrying about SIDS?


Rhiannon - February 21

From what I have heard the risk goes down after 4 months, and after 6 months it goes down quite significantly. After 1 year though the fear ends. I know your is a preemie, so, like me you worry a bit more.


Emily - February 21

I never really stoped worrying. I still worry about my two and half year old, not of SIDS, but of falling out of bed or some other invisable imagainary threat. The peak time for SIDS is 2-4 months. I really started relaxing more after 6 months. (At four my youngest started rolling over and sleeping on her tummy, even though I put her down on her back!) Jsut follow the guidlines and you can rest a bit easier, but like I siad I still worry about both my kids (2.5 years and 8mos)


sophandbob - February 21

unfortunately SIDs can run into adulthood (although isn't called sids). Like rhiannon said, 6 months the risk falls significiantly, and then again so at a year. I think after 2 years I'd relax a little - I'm such a worrier!!


Steph - February 21

Unfortunatley sophandbob is right, as some of you may remember, my co-workers son (who would have been 4 next month), died in his sleep. The autopsy and toxicology report showed nothing, and they basically said it was SIDS, but with the toddler name (which I can't remember.)


Deb - February 21

I think you guys might be talking about sleep apnea. Some people have it and just stop breathing when they are sleeping. Often it is just for very short periods, but then some people stop breathing longer and end up dying. My fil has it, but he only stops for short periods. Nevertheless it is very scary, but you can't live your life in fear all the time. I worried about SIDS a lot when my dd was very young, but now she is 7.5 months and I don't worry half as much as I used to.


CaliTrish - February 21

Whew, I had read somewhere that the crucial period for SIDS was 4 to 6 months, so we were planning to wait till DS was over 6 months before moving him to his own room. After reading Emily's post, I checked a few other sources online, and she is correct - most deaths due to SIDS occur between 2 and 4 months of age. DS is 19 weeks. SIDS can occur up to one year old. After 4 months, the incident rate steadily declines towards zero at one year. So, you should continue to stay conscientious about SIDS and take the necessary precautions as your baby gets older, but you don't need to maintain a state of panic about SIDS.


Bonnie - February 21

I am glad I saw this because I was wondering the same thing. At what age can they actually sleep with a comforter blanket? The big cushy type ones that we use?


annabanana - February 21

I have the angel monitor and I feel a lot safer at times. it detects an alarm if your baby stops breathing. It rang a few times and I ran up the stair freaking out because it is really sensitive but most of the time it is actually really good



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