When Is Too Soon For Rice Cereal

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Sassy - April 4

Hello Moms! I've got a 6 week old that eats constantly. He takes a solid 5 ounces then will sleep for 45 minutes tops...then wakes up like he is starving...but when I feed him more, he throws up, like his stomach is too full. I've heard the cereal can help with this by giving him substanance without the volume of the formula....but the Peds say he is too young....i can't let him cry but I hate having him sick when he feeds too much....is he too young to start the cereal? and does it really work??


TinaMarie - April 4

I would never suggest doing something the ped told you not to. My daughter was 5.5 lbs when she was born so from the time she was 2 weeks my doc had me put cereal in her formula. It was for the extra calories to help her gain weight. He took her off it at about 3 months and now (4.5 M) she is on cereal (from spoon) and fruits. It served the purpose of helping her gain weight because she is now on the charts at the 50th% for weight and 90th for height. I have heard people doing it saying it helps the baby sleep through the night. It did not have that effect on my daughter. She still got up at night just as much as any other baby her age. I do not know if this helped at all. Just wanted to share what my experience has been with it.


Bonnie - April 4

Sa__sy, I would call back your ped. If he is crying for food but not keeping it down, he may be comfort feeding. There could be something esle going on like reflux. Check out the symptoms at www.infantrefluxdisease.com


newbie - April 4

my 7 week old has reflux. she comfort fed constantly. i can tell you her symptoms so you can compare: she would cry after spitting up, which her spitting up was more like projectile vomiting. she was congested all the time, she made gurgling sounds in her throat, she would cry no matter what, and had a cough. at first i thought it was colic, but her crying wasn't at night it was all the time. i finally did some research and found that her symptoms where a perfect match for reflux and took a print off to the doctor. i did alot of research too. so that when i went to the doctor they took me seriously. she was put on zantac and one teaspoon cereal per 4oz. bottle. also if you think something else is wrong you can find another ped. for a second opinion like i did before taking her back to her reg. ped. If you like your ped. but need a sec. opinion find a ped that will see your baby without having to switch.


newbie - April 4

Oh i forgot enfamil makes a formula called A.R. it is for acid reflux and has cereal already in it ask you ped. if you can switch if you are formula feeding.


Erin1979 - April 5

When my daughter was that small she used to cluster feed. I think that it's a natural thing, and he may "act" like he is starving, but it could just be something that calms and comforts him. Giving babies cereal before about 4 months of age can contribute to them having more allergies as they get older. I would consult your Ped. again. Maybe there is something else you can do. Have you tried a pacifier instead of feeding him when he wakes up??


tiffani - April 5

It's all a matter of opinion. You'll get a ton of different responses to this one. Personally, I would wait, and just continue feeding him formula. I do know lots of moms who have added Rice cereal to the bottle with great success. It's your baby, so do what you feel comfortable with. :o)


MJM - April 5

You are definately going to get a lot of different opinions on this topic. I fed my ds rice in his bottle when he was about 3-4 wks. Then at 6wks I started to spoon feed him with the rice cereal. I just made it really runny. My son also would drink and drink until he was too full. My dr asked me why I was giving him the cereal and I said he is not satisfied with just formula. When I spoon fed him his cereal he was so happy and content, and he never spit up like he use to. He is now 3 mo and still loving his cereal. It is funny how all dr's say all babies are so different but none of them can eat before 4 mo and if we can hold out until 6 mo that is even better. Do what you feel your baby needs. I did and my ds is so much more happy then he was.


erin - April 5

i wouldn't go against your pediatrician's recommendation. he knows your child more than we do. did you bring up the regurgitation to your doctor? or the fact that your son wakes up like he's starving? my pediatrician gave the go for a little cereal in my son's bottle at 2 months, but they're all different. i would definetly wait for your pediatrician's answer though.


Sarahsmommy - April 5

I think this kind of sounds like reflux. If you baby is waking up screaming it could be because lying down is making the acid come up in her throat and is burning her. It will be worse when she sleeps because it allows the acid to back up easier. The ped will most likely tell you that all babies have reflux, but may not relize that if it is causing baby pain it needs to be corrected. It may not be reflux, but that is my thought on this. If you don't think it's reflux you may want to look until other reason that he may be doing this. Is it only certain times of the day? then maybe colic, etc.


kimberley - April 6

HI, I would maybe get the ped to check him out for reflux, as that is exactly how my DD was, she is 8 weeks old today. She was feeding very well, but was then waking after an hour, sucking like crazy on her dummy, I thought she must be hungry again, but she would spill heaps if I gave her more......the older she got the worse the crying got, last week she was diagnosed with bad reflux. She has been on meds for 1 week today, and she is a new baby, she eats every 4 hours, during the day, goes to bed at 8pm, sleeps till 3-4am, has a quick feed, then back to be until 7-8am...she has 5 bottles a day now and drinks between 5-7oz per bottle, which is great for her as she was 4 weeks prem. I have her on anti reflux formula which is thicker than normal formula, and my ped said to start her on cereal at 3 months, as that also helps with reflux. With my other 3 babies, I had them all on cereal at 8 weeks, as they too were big eaters, they loved it.......as long as the baby accepts it, I see no harm. I never put it in the bottle though, I always offered it off of a spoon. My DD at the moment, has to have her zoton mixed with water and fed to her off of a spoon, it is like a runny jelly once mixed, and she loves it, she doesn't waste one bit...and she cries when it is finished...lol...... So get him checked for reflux....keep a count of how much he is spilling, and how long after a feed. Then if he doesn't have it, start him on cereal if you feel he needs it, as your his mother and you know if he is hungry or not. Do it by way of spoon if you can.



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