When To Add More Texture Soft Chunks Into Foods

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DB - October 8

My dd is 8 months old has 2 bottom teeth. Is it too early to add in more textures, like when I make her veggies to keep them chunkier, but still soft ( and not add much water in the food processor)? She does really well with thicker oatmeal and can eat halved puffs. I read not to stay on purees too long as it can lead to texture aversion. Anyone else starting thicker foods now?


DDT - October 8

I've been doing it for a while already with certain foods. I think if you feel your lo is ready then what is the harm?? BUT Caden cannot eat 3rd stage out of a jar. He gags and shudders, but he can eat the lumpy home-made food I make for him at home. Strange, but I guess he has a preference. I also started adding spices like garlic, nutmeg and cinnamon recently to some of his foods. BTW as you know Caden is almost 8 months old.


priya79 - October 9

I am still giving Sudhi stage 2 foods. Anyways she eats the gerber graduate biscuits without any problem. I am thinking to add spices and give her rice, pasta etc from 8 months. I have not tried chunkier foods with her yet but have given her small pieces of grapes, mango, cherrios...Hope I am not behind:((


lin7604 - October 9

it really depends on the child, i think 8 months is a good time to start introducing more texture but it is really up to the child if they will accept it yet or not. my ds will be one onthe 24th and he still won't eat cut up fruit, cheese, real bit of veggies or pasta yet. he will only eat fruit and veggies from a jar.


countrymom401 - October 9

My lo is 7 months old and really likes to chew. I have been giving him stage 3 veggies and fruit for 1 week now and he loves it. He gets very mad if I try to give him strained stuff. I make alot of food at home usually just mash up what I am eating. His finger foods are bread, crackers and he has had some cheerios. He has no teeth and that doesn't seem to slow him down at all. But for some reason he hates mashed potatoes. I have even tried to put b___ter in his but he gags and shutters when I give him those.


DB - October 9

I think she'll do good with some more texture. I need to go buy her fav's (squash) and make it again, just chunkier and do a little test! She really enjoys chewing on biter biscuits, so I will give it a whirl!!!



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