When To Brush Teeth

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CassJ - January 23

My son has his 2 bottom teeth. Do I need to brush them? Do I use toothpaste? Do I do it once or twice a day? I have no clue. Thanks!


ash2 - January 23

Hey ca__s ! I have already been brushing DS gums before he got his teeth. Gums can build up plaque too. He has just recently got his 2 bottom teeth in , and there is this toothpaste that you can get in the baby section with a rubber " thingy " that fits over your finger with grips on the end that you brush their " mouth " with. I get his 2 teeth, his tounge, and top gums. It is also safe to swallow and has a great taste !


ash2 - January 23

Oh yeah, you can get it at walmart !


Ca__sJ - January 23

Hey thanks Ash. I will look for that.


Rabbits07 - January 24

Yeah, we have one of those....just beware once the two top teeth come in because it still hurts when they decide to clamp down...lol.


krnj - January 24

I'm going to look for that too!


Nerdy Girl - January 24

Just make sure you get the toddler toothpaste, which is fluoride free. It is not safe for them to swallow fluroride. And I agree with Rabbits about the biting thing. That finger toothbrush did not last long for us with the biting! We found a regular tootbrush for infants, I think it's 4-24 months. It's small and very soft.


cae - January 24

I started with Ethan at around 10months. I use an infant toothbrush with no toothpaste.


piratesmermaid - January 24

We're currently using the rubber finger toothbrush that ash2 was talking about. Every night before bed, we brush dd's teeth and gums. She likes it, and when she sees the brush, she opens her mouth.


KLT - January 24

At what age did you all start using the rubber thingy?


ds1970 - January 24

I jsut bought a little baby toothbrush for my son (he will be 1-yr-old on Sunday) a few days ago, along with some Oral B brand baby toothpaste. For a week or 2 I was able to use moistened gauze to wipe off his gums and two bottom teeth, but now he suddenly HATES it and refuses to open his mouth. He now has the top 2 front teeth about halfway in as well, and I am starting to panic because I know we need to be brushing them, but I am at a loss as to how to get him to cooperate. Has anyone had success bringing their LO's around on this topic? I though once I got the toothbrush and showed him that Mommy and Daddy have one too he would want to join in, but no luck. Any ideas??


jennyr - January 25

OMG I have never brushed my little ones teeth. I am so horrible. Ok I will get a toothbrush geared for her age which is 1. Now what do I use to clean them. Like toothpaste or whatever. Safe fr her to swallow?


^lucy^ - January 25

i started brushing my dd's teeth at 6 months once she got her first bottom teeth.. they were so tiny and i was so hapy that she got them early so i bought her a tiny toothbrush and colgate baby toothpaste that is from ages 0-2.. she loves the taste and she lets me brush her two bottom teeth first and then i give her the toothbrush to rub her gum so she gets used to the brushing activity :)



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