When To Call Doctor For Cold

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Angie - February 16

My 3 month old daughter has a cold. She is stuffed up and has a little cough. I feel very bad for her, but I don't think I need to call the dr and my husband does. She is not wheezing or anything. When do you know it is time to call the doctor and when do you know she just has to wait it out?


Jbear - February 16

You can call your doctor, but they won't give any decongestants or cough medicine when they're that young. If you're running your heater, that might be the problem...get a humidifier and use it in her room. For stuffiness, get saline drops to loosen the dried snot, and use the bulb syringe to suck it all out. They make better bulb syringes than the one the hospital gives you--I got one at CVS that has a fat, clear tip, so it won't go too far in and you can see what is coming out.


L...Hannah's Mom - February 16

It never hurts to make a call. At my doctors office they have a pediatric nurse on duty to just answer questions. I would call whenever I had a concern or question...it always eased my mind and if the nurse thought my baby needed to be seen by her doctor, they would have me bring her in. I hope your dd feels better. :)


MJM - February 17

My son got sick when he was 4 wks old. We all had a cold and he came down with it. I called his dr and got him in right away. I heard no wheezing but the dr listened to his lungs and he had a faint wheez So I would say take your dd in right away.


The real Lissi - February 17

I took my daughter to the doctor because she had a cold at 6 weeks. To be honest, it was pointless. He didn't give me anything for her, just recommended saline nose drops and told me to give her calpol if she got a fever, which I knew anyway. I would only worry if she had breathing difficulties, in which case I would bypa__s the doctor completely and take her to the hospital instead.



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