When To Drop Bedtime Bottle

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Joanne - January 19

My ds is 9 months old - should I be trying to wean him off his bottle he takes right before bedtime? Or is this a lot later??


rl- - January 19

well my ds just turned 1 on the 11th and I still give him his bedtime bottle...I guess it is up to you really but I am gonna keep it around a little longer ( :


rl- - January 19

oh I don't put formula in it anymore he gets reg milk


Rabbits07 - January 19

It's not recommended that they have a bottle at bedtime unless it has water in it due to tooth decay.


ashtynsmom - January 19

As far as the tooth decay- it depends if you are talking before bed, or IN the bed. If you give him a bottle before bed, just wipe his teeth off before you put him down. Don't let him have it in his bed and suck on it all night. That is bad for the teeth. My dd will be one next week and she still takes a bottle. She takes the next step formula in it. We tried milk, but she will only drink it cold, and she wants a WARM bottle before bed! Talk about high maintenence!!


Danielle19 - January 19

i plan on giving my ds a bedtime bottle up until 15-18 months, if he doesn't stop before then, i think its a good thing to help them relax before bed


jwhite - January 19

I want my dd off the bottle by time she is one so we will hopefully not be doing a bedtime bottle it will be more like the sippy up. crossing my fingers...I won't give in to her.


hello - January 19

What we want and what we do are two separate things. My daughter still has hers and is 19 months, my friends daughter is almost 3 and still has hers, its hard to break bad habits.....


hello - January 19

sorry to answer, nine months is far too early....


ash2 - January 19

Im not gonna be much of help ...DS took a bottle to bed untill he was 2 ! BTW...i do believe it will cause tooth decay, but we brushed his teeth every night and every morning with the morning light and the dentist said on his first appt. at 4 years old that he had some of the prettiest and cleanest teeth he had seen in a long time !


joeysmom - January 20

I took my sons night time bottle away before any of the other ones. I took it away the day he turned one. I took the other bottles away just a few days ago when he turned 13 months. He was totally fine there were no problems. I wanted to take it away before he could start asking for it, b/c then it would be a whole world of issues. So it's really up to you.


Nerdy Girl - January 20

My 14 month old still get a bottle at bedtime. It's like rl said, whole milk, but still in a bottle. My problem with my ds is that he will drink water perfectly fine from both a sippy cup or a straw cup, but if you give him a cup with milk in it he will take one taste, turn up his nose, and push the cup away. The only way I can get this kid to drink milk is from a bottle before his afternoon nap and before bed. I know this is a bad habit and I have been strategizing in my mind what to do next. But he was teething (molars), and now he's really sick, so I want to wait until he feels normal before I try to take away one of his remaining bottles. IMO - 9 months is way too young.


shelly22 - January 21

I don't think its ever to early to try. If your lo takes it from a sippy why not? My son was off all bottles at 10 1/2 months and I didn't have a problem at all. As soon as I started whole milk he would drink it out of a sippy. When I would put formula in a sippy he didn't want it, have you ever tried to put formula in a sippy? Alot of my friends had their lo's off at 9 months, I guess it depends on the child too.


Erin1979 - January 21

I think as long as they are weaning off of the bottle by 18 months, you should be fine. My dd is 17 months and we are slowly reducing the amount she gets at bedtime so that by the time she is 18 months, no more bottle.


jg - January 22

My son is 19 months and still has a night time bottle and won't be stopping anytime soon. You have PLENTY of time to think about stopping the night time bottle - years even LOL.



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