When To Have Another Baby

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jodie - April 26

Hello! My son just turned 5 months old and we are having sooo much fun with him. We aren't exactly sure how long we want to wait....but we might be pregnant now. Are there anyother moms out there with little ones close in age...and do you have any advice?


hrsmith - April 26

Hi Jodie. I am feeling the exact same way!! My son Brayden is 6 months old and we are starting to try for another. I can hardly wait to have another. My first pregnancy didn't go all that well so i was a little worried. I called my dr. and asked for her advice on getting pregnant right now because i developed preeclampsia with my first and i had to have a c-section. she said that i was fine to start but told me a couple of things to do to help prevent the preeclampsia but also said that most drs. say you should wait at least 18 mo. between children. i guess my husband and i don't really feel like it will happen this month, so we want to jus relax and let it happen. if it happens sooner than 18 mo, i don't think it will be all that difficult to adjust.


jodie - April 27

Good luck! It's weird the way it hits you so fast that you want to have another. Right after Nick was born I thought to myself that I would want to wait quite awhile...but after the first few months I was ready for more...hehehe. I go to places like babies r us and see pregnant ladies and I am actually jealous...heheh....crazy crazy!


Jamie - April 27

My daughter is not-quite 9 months, and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to start trying for #2. But, my doctor told me to wait at least 12 months, because of pre-eclampsia and a c-section. She said I need to let my body heal, to give me the best possible chance at a healthy 2nd pregnancy and a VBAC. Also, if I were to become incapacitated again, there's no one to watch my daughter for me. I also did the math, and conceiving in August would make me due in May 2007...we're supposed to move back to the States in October of 2007, so we'd be moving with a 2 year old and a 5 month old...that's IF I got pregnant right away. So we decided to wait until after we move back to the States. :( But I still want another one now. My older brother and I are only 17 months apart, and we grew up so close, it was great - like having a built-in best friend.


Rabbits07 - April 27

it is also recommended that women wait at least 12 months after giving birth before getting pregnant again because the risk of preterm birth is higher in women who get pregnant before 1 year. My first baby was 9 months old when I got pregnant with my second baby. I had preterm labor at 33 weeks and had to be hospitalized for 2 weeks on Magnesium. (Thankfully he was born healthy at 35 1/2 wks) We don't know that I had preterm labor due to my getting preg again so early, but my dr. did tell me that it was a risk factor.


Maggie - April 27

I can relate to you ladies. My daughter isn't quite three months old yet, and I have a 5 1/2 year old son and I'm getting the pregnancy itch again. I thought I would have my tubes tied right after she was born, but being that I'm 26 years old my OB wouldn't do it. He told me to wait until I was 30 years old, and my husband agreed. I just had gallbladder surgery and for a minute it really frightened me because it crossed my mind that if I had any major complications from the surgery it may effect my ability to have more children. Thankfully I am healing well but the surgeon told me to wait at least 6 months before trying to concieve again so I can be certain that I have no major scar tissue issues because 4 incisions were made on my abdomen. Jodie my advice to you would be to wait until your son is walking to start trying to concieve only because a baby's personality really changes when they become mobile and you may not have all the energy you need for that if you are pregnant again. However, its your decision to make and if you feel you are ready than God Bless. I'm going to throw the idea into my husband's head around July or August.


jodie - April 29

Jamie...me and my brother are 14 months apart...not exactly on purpose...but I also loved how close we were. It was soo much fun growing up with him. I will probably talk to my OB just to see what he has to say. My first pregnancy was picture perfect so hopefully I can mimick that!


C - April 29

My sister in law has two boys that are close in age and it just seems so hard for her. I am enjoying my son so much I felt like another baby so quick would take away some of my time for him. So we decided to wait until my son is close to 2 before discussing having another child. I do suggest getting your house extra extra child proofed because you will not be able to keep as close of an eye on your son once there is a new baby in the house.


olivia - April 30

Well, I am doing it. I have an 8 month old and just found out I am 2 months pregnant. Ultrasound is next Monday. I was excited but the reality of it is sometimes overwhelming. We are currently selling the house and going to have to move in my second trimester. But I am excited for the kids to be close in age. I think it will be great! (At least I hope so, no turning back now!)


LexieGrl - April 30

Well, I'm not planning on having another one in quite a while. I had 8 other siblings growing up and my mom had us one right after the other. I thought it was kind of fun to have them to play with, but it was really hard growing up. We didn't have much money. So, I'd say if you can afford it, go for it. :-D


Rabbits07 - April 30

congratulations Olivia & good luck to those who are planning on trying again soon. DH was talking to me and asking me if I needed help and how was I going to manage going to the store and do errands w/ a three year old and an infant. I pointed out to him that when I had our THIRD child, our oldest was only 3 1/2---so I had a 3/1/2 yr. old, a 2 yr old and an infant! I can remember going to the grocery store one time and this little old woman asking me if all those kids were mine and I told her yes...her response? "You're so brave bringing them out all by yourself." It was funny because she was totally serious. Having your kids close together isn't really all that hard if you have the energy for it. It has it's pros and cons, too....but then doesn't everything?


xXx-Lesley-xXx - May 2

My middle one and youngest have 18 months between them. I was gutted when I first found out Iwas pregnant, but now I am so glad I had them so close in age. They love each other to pieces. I have a 3 year gap between my oldest and middle, and I think that is too long :-( I wish I tried for her sooner.



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