When To Introduce Baby Fruits

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Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - March 21

My daughter will be 7 months on the 27th, 6 days (THEY GROW SO FAST :( ) She has had rice cereal, then I added in sweet potatos, then squash, then green beans. But when should I start giving her, her fruit. I give her food 1 time a day, 2-3 times a day was to much for her. So since I gave it to her an hour or 2 before bed she won't sleep, its like an energy boost. She also doesn't do good with the mornings since she typically sleeps in. She is getting over her teething (for now) and she is sleeping off what she didn't sleep for those 2-3 weeks. So she gets it between lunch and dinner. After this week, I will get up with her in the mornings and do morning and lunch feeds. But when should I introduce her baby fruits. I'm not in a hurry to introduce everything so soon. She has a sensitive stomach. I also will only do fruits with the veggies I know she is ok with. If I do another veggie, I won't do any fruit with it. Unless I know she is ok with the fruit. I try things for a whole container (about a weeks worth) before switching so I can see a reaction. So far none. But when should I do fruits?


Krissy25 - March 21

My dd is 7.5 months old and the only fruits i'm giving her right now are bananas and apples. The apples i puree, she doesn't like them on their own so i put them in her rice cereal and the bananas i just mash with a fork, she loves those. I would say to probably start with bananas, mash up a little for her and see if she will take them. You are introducing foods exactly the way i am, one at a time to see how it goes, i think that is the best way.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - March 21

So do you use a purifier or does a blender work too? I just buy the baby foods...but I would love to make her baby food instead. I read somewhere you had a book....what book is that and where did you get it?


Krissy25 - March 21

I actually have 2 books, Blender Baby Food, by Nicole Young, and The Everything Cooking for Baby and Toddler Book, by Shana Priwer and Cynthia Phillips. They are both good books, but the Blender Baby Foods only goes up to 12 months and the other one goes up to 3 years. I got them as gifts but i'm sure you can find them in book stores. Truthfully though you could probably find some basic recipies online for the beginer food. I use a food processor but a blender would probably work pretty well b/c you basically start by steaming the food until it is soft. I'm glad you are thinking about making your own food, once you get going it's really easy and you can freeze it so you can make up a lot at once and not have to do anything for a week or two. Plus the food is fresh and tastes better and it saves money.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - March 21

Oh ok! Well I will talk with DH about the books and even do some research. I will BEG him for a food processor. I read some things about making baby food and we have a store here, hastings...where if they aren't in they order it. Maybe they have some. I usually get pregnancy books there. If not its Barnes and Nobles lol. I have some bananas but haven't even dared to open them. It seems to soon for me. Plus, I would rather get her on foods I make so I know there isn't anything in it other then what I put in...I read somewhere (don't know if its true or not) that some surgar products are put in certain brands of baby food to get the kids addicted to more sweet tastes then like veggies and fruits. Don't want that for sure.


melissap - March 21

For some reason in within the last 4 years (since my middle son was born) our provincial( same as state in Canada) has changed their feeding guide. They are now recommending not feeding babies until 6-9 months and starting with meats and alternatives, then vegetables and lastly fruit. I started veggies with my other 2 and around 6 months gave them a little fruit. I think I gave them pears and peaches as they are easy on the tummy. Bananas can be hard on the stomach so just play around with it. Oh yeah I asked my doc why they changed the feeding guidelines and she said it was because alot of children around here were becoming iron defecient and liked the taste of fruit better than the meat so that is why they suggest to start with that, but with your daughters tummy that may be too much as well. Do you think maybe it was the teething that was bothering her stomach?? I am not in any hurry this time either. I am going to try to wait until 6 months to start cereal this time, my cousin started feeding her baby at 3 months and he does have tummy trouble. Good luck. oh and congrats on the bfp


Cathy2 - March 21

I started my daughter on bananas and avocaodo at 5.5 months...then rice cereal, then added carrots, squash and a huge variety of fruits..pears, prunes, peaches etc... check out this fabulous website! It has been a great resource for me... dubdubdublyou dot wholesomebabyfood dot com


Krissy25 - March 21

Nerdy girl, i have no idea if that is true or not either, about the sugar, but i really like knowing what i am feeding my dd and i can control the portions and make them as big or as small as i want. MELISSAP that is really interesting what you have said. I started my dd on veggies, then fruit, and today we started meat, i gave her chicken and she really liked it. I was really worried about my dd being iron defeciant since she was only b___stfed and i didn't start foods until she was almost 6 months but i give her rice and oatmeal cereal everyday and it has iron, plus i mix the cereals with formula with iron. Did your doctor say anything about the cereals not having enough iron? Just curious, i'm really into nutrition for my dd and i want her to be healthy.


eclectic66 - March 21

My ds is almost 8 months and I have been alternating between veggies and fruits since around 6 months old. He didn't tolerate rice cereal at ALL so I went straight to the veggies and fruits. Any new food I introduce he has 1 serving, once a day for 5 days..if no problems then boom it goes on the list of OK foods. So far he has had green beans, squash, applesauce, peaches and sweet potatoes and so far has loved them all...especially the green beans (lol, that was a shock) I don't think it really matters on if they have fruits before veggies or visa versa (they say thats an old wives tale that they won't like their veggies if they have fruits first) and so far my ds has proved that it's ok to have fruits and still like your veggies so I would say just go for it!


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - March 21

Melissap-That is intresting...I remember about 12 years ago they said to start them on solids at 6 months then they changed it to 4 months... She was a colic baby, we went through so many different kinds of formulas and Enfamil Lipil with Iron worked best. I do think that lately it was her teething that gave her a stomach ache. Her poos went down from like 8-10 times a day to 1, she sleeps so much better. She has been on iron formula since she was born. I had to supplement since she was 5lbs 14oz. I did b___stfeed for 2 months but I bled to much : ( Krissy-I went to the store, they only had Blender Baby Food by Nicole Young and I LOVE it. I got all excited lol Also I see so many more veggies on there that I want to try and then see how she does and then add in some fruits. Cathy-Thanks, I will definately look at that website Eclectic-My niece never ate her veggies (or baby food) because my sister made the mistake of giving her a cookie. Ever since then she has been on big people foods because she refused baby foods. So I do know the taste of big people food might do that, although I don't know about the fruits and veggies. I just didn't want to risk it. My daughter is very different n everything she does so I try to watch out for her and make sure she gets used to veggies first..........................................I don't want to start meats first, it sort of scares me to start that. She is on an iron formula so her iron shouldn't be a problem.


melissap - March 22

ha I thought that my health department was crazy..my doctor didn't say anything about cereal not having enough iron. they are just worried about replacing either a formula feed or bfeeding with veggies and fruits that have no iron. And also because babies don't like the taste and texture of meats so to start them on those first. Also egg yolks, soy tofu, and finley ground lentils are on the list. things have changed since last ds was born. Neither of my other kids liked cereal and I tried it and I know why. I am going to try and follow the new guidelines this time as anemia does run in my family. also 2 of my boys were over 9lbs and off the growth charts but after I started feeding them solids they stopped gaining weight and I had to put them back on a high fat diet with whole milk, yougurt, lots of cheese. Does your hospital provide feeding guides to you in the states after you have your baby??


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - March 22

I never got a feeding guide at the hospital. The only thing they gave me was a fat bill lol jk, but no really they didn't give me anything. I had to watch a video but it was just about newborns, nothing about later on. But here my doctor told me not to do meats til later, so I don't really know. I can see why since the meats probably taste alot worse...My daughter didn't like rice, only if I mixed it...But I still fed her rice for about 2 weeks.


melissap - March 22

nerdy--i guess feeding meats first is ok with the health department here because the age is 6-9 months when to start solids and our old feeding guide suggested feeding them around 7-9 months so it is really around the same time. I can only feed my boys rice. My oldest is allergic to oatmeal, and projectile vomited wheat and barley. Then my husbands grandmother was diagnosed with celiacs disease which is where you cannot eat wheat, gluten and sometimes oatmeal. It runs in families mostly to males so I am not feeding any other cereal because they are thinking my oldest son may also have the disease and wheat is in everything. Now I wished I had waited longer to start feeding my other 2 because of allergies but oh well. I would just do what you think is best and especially since your dd has a touchy tummy!


maryg - March 22

I'm with Cathy--that website is great! I think I heard it from someone here--maybe her. Nerdy--not sure if by rice you meant rice cereal, but we've been adding organic rice cereal to our daughter's baby food. It's iron fortified and it kind of dumbs down the flavor of everything and seems to make the veggies more palatable to her. We've been doing solids for about 3 weeks, but I'm putting off the fruit too--until it seems like the right time I guess. Maybe 8 months? I want her to be totally ok with the veggies first.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - March 24

MELISSAP-That must be horrible with the allergies. I don't know how I would handle that. My nephew is the same way though. He is allergic to wheat, dairy and so many other things...but he still eats it. Yeah here they say 4 months to start feeding, but I thought that was WAY to early. I need to look up what meats are recommended here. I never even thought about those til you mentioned it here. It has crossed my mind but I just figured those were the last to introduce. MARYG-Yeah I meant rice cereal...I was looking into organic cereal, but wasn't to sure about it. I have some organic fruits my husband came home with, bananas...but the whole fruit thing still worries me to start just yet


maryg - March 26

We like the Earth's Best rice cereal (and their veggies too, though I aspire to making more food from scratch). You can get all their stuff at Target. I decided to go for it and try pears today for the first time and her reaction was hilarious! She shuddered and squinshed up her face like a prune! Then I made some plain rice cereal and added a tiny bit of pears and she loved it. I guess we'll gradually introduce it. VERY gradually!


britt_m - March 26

I alternated with two veggies then two fruits at first. We started at 4 months. I have heard about meats being a first food tho, I dunno. It seems a little odd as the proteins in meats are harder to digest then that in formula. Sometimes meats will set in the stomach so long that they spoil : S, as they don't get digested there, but in the small intestine were it can break down the protein. Our body sees meat as flesh. I'm in an holistic college right now and actually learned about these things last week in physiology. I started everything early with my dd and she has done wonderful, but had I known then what I know now about meats, I would have waited until she was much older to introduce meat. Fruits and veggies are natural and are made for us to consume, so I'd say go ahead and give her a little fruit, maybe something not to sweet like bananas. I held off on citrus fruits until 9 months. Good luck!



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