When To Introduce Milk

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TinaSos - June 3

When and how do I introduce Milk.


cblack - June 3

I have an in-home daycare, and one of the lo's that I watch just recently turned one. They introduced whole milk after his 12 month doc appt in which the doc said that they could do so. His mom wants me to fix his bottles the same as I did when he was on formula which is with a container of applesauce in it, but I wouldnt do that with my own. lol. He has taken to it fine, and doesnt seem to dislike it at all. Still sucks it down in 5 min or less. lol. :)


iemc19 - June 3

I start cooking with it at about 10 months ,then from about 11 months I give the odd bit in a cup with lunch/dinner...No fuss no ha__sle...then if I have formula in the house - I nurse as long as possible - any formula I have around the 11 month mark is the last I buy, when its gone, its gone and LO is used to milk and takes it straight in his bottle at naptime....


kimberly - June 3

I always start giving it in a sippy cup at a year old for mealtimes and give the bottle for morning and bedtime with formula for a week or so. Then completely take the bottle and formula away and just offer milk in a sippy throughout the day. At a year old they don't need the bottle anymore so it is best to start around 8 to 10 months offering juice or water in a sippy so they get use to drinking from it. That makes the transition from bottle to sippy much easier. At a year their tummy's are ready for milk and you really don't need to transition them for a long period of time a week or two is fine.


DeeD - June 5

I have always started about 11-12 months with just an ounce or two. See how it goes. If it goes well, slowly increase milk and wean off the formula or bm. Good Luck!


Crystal83 - June 5

Depending on how the baby handles it, you could try introducing milk about 10 mos. old. Living in Canada the requirement is 10.mos and over to start whole milk, but formula/b___stmilk is best until 1 year.


gurinsa - June 5

How much milk do they take per day after 1 year?



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