When To Put Baby In His Own Room

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KrisD - January 16

Okay - maybe I should have done this a long time ago, my baby will be 20 weeks this Thursday. He is a horrible, horrible sleeper. Last night he was up from 2:00 on - not for a bottle - just to cry. I think it may be a teething issue - the one night we gave Tylenol he did much better.... But when did you guys put your baby in his own crib? (I have been afraid of having to run all over the house all night everytime he cries.) And did they miraculously start sleeping better? Any advice would be appreciated - the bags under my eyes are enormous! :o)


Ginger - January 16

King has always loved his crib. He's been in there since about week three when he got off from having light therapy. Put a mobile and bright colorful things on the walls around his crib (even if you have to paint them) and he might love it. Good luck and God Bless!


Rachael mommy2lucas - January 16

I'm going thru the same issues, Kris. Lucas sleeps with me mostly becuase I have to work, and he is up and down crying off and on all night long, and I don't want to have to get out of bed all night long. But maybe he would do better if I left him in his crib in his room. Who knows. I just want to sleep again!


SonyaM - January 16

My DH and I were just talking about that last night. Mason sleeps on our room at night in his pack n play and our bed. During the day he sleeps in his crib in his room. The main reason he is still sleeping in our room is that on the rare occasion he doesn't sleep through the night I don't want him to wake up his big brother. Their rooms are right by eachother and Mitchell is a very light sleeper.


SonyaM - January 16

Sorry, I guess I didn't really answer your question huh? Can you tell I just woke up!!! So Mason is 15 weeks old and is not yet in his own room at night. My first son slept in his crib in his own room from about 2 weeks on. We lived in a different house then and all the rooms were so close. I could hear everything even from my bed.


Barb - January 16

Trinity will be 14 weeks on wednesday and she still sleeps in our room too...not in our bed though. It's really ME that has the issue of letting her sleep in her crib...she does sleep through the night but sometimes she gets up and I just like having her next to me in the room : ) I do put her in her crib for naps...but it's ME, I'm not ready to have her in the other room yet : /


KrisD - January 16

Sonya and Barb - How do you get them to nap in their cribs during the day... Do you put them down at "Nap Time" or when they doze, do you place them in the crib?.... (I think I sound crazy asking these questions!)


Barb - January 16

sorry...guess I didn't answer your question either...LOL... I think if your boy is teething you might just have to wait it out until the phase pa__ses...the most important thing I've learned with getting my kids to do anything is CONSISTANCY. Put him to bed at the same time,read a story or take a bath or whatever you do to comfort him...just keep doing it and he will eventually get into a normal sleeping pattern....it'll get better : )


Barb - January 16

first of all..you're NOT crazy! = ) motherhood is tough and the most challenging thing (I think)...but also the most rewarding : ) I just put Trinity down when she's awake and turn on her fisher price aquarium toy...she loves to look at that and doze off....sometimes I put her down after she falls asleep...she's NOT on a regular schedule yet, but I do know that after a couple hours she's probably ready for a nap.... and it's good for her to wake up in there so she's farmiliar with the crib : ) She also uses a pacifier...and sometimes I have to go in there and put it back in her mouth a few times before she falls asleep...but she will sleep.


Eryn @ MN - January 16

I am in the exact same situration. Ellie is outgrowing her ba__sinet but I don't want to put her in the other room. She is awake so much at night. I am going crazy! I feel your pain.


sugar+spice - January 16

my daughter still sleeps in our room in her ba__sinet, but as soon as i buy baby monitors, im going to try to put her in her own bed at night, and atleast i will still be able to hear her if she makes any noises. with my first daughter though, i was up like 20 times a night cheking on her thinking oh, no, what if her blanket is over her face, or she turned over. it took months to get used to it. even though she was sleeping through the night.. i was just too paranoid.


keeks - January 16

Try to put your son on a regular routine.Start by giving him a bath right before bed and a bottle after. Read him a bedtime book or sing a song. Turn out all the lights and say goodnite. He may cry for a few minutes but will likely tire himself out. Hopefully soon he will get use to being in his own bed. This method worked well for my family. I hope it will work well for you. Take care Kris


Meredith - January 16

I was thinking about something I read before just last night...babies are very restless sleepers, and having the baby right there will make you want to pick up the baby and stuff even though they will settle themselves down. If you are right there all the time, baby will never learn to settle herself, and that is important to sleeping through the night. Think of how many times you wake up at night, to toss or turn. You know how to settle back down, so you go back to sleep. At four months with Mercedes (now 2yrs old), she NEVER got me out of bed. She slept in her own crib from about 1 month on.


Christy - January 16

Ben has been in his crib pretty much since day one, so I am not the best to comment on this. It's not too bad getting up to go to him b/c I am more alert and awake to deal with him. The down side is that it is harder to go back to sleep afterwards.


Christy - January 16

BTW- I just read Merideth's post and I agree with her in that if you go to him everytime he cries or makes noise, you may be waking him up and disrupting his sleep rather than soothing him. I let Ben cry a bit before I go to him- just to be sure he's really awake and not just sleeping fitfully or "adjusting" himself.


Sian1 - January 16

My son is 12wks and still sleeps in my room. I have the same fears as 'sugar+spice' was saying. Iam afraid that if he's in his own room he may stop breathing, or blanket may cover his face etc etc. and i wouldnt know. Iam wanting to put him in his own room soon though.


Kim - January 16

Luke is 11 weeks old and has been in his crib since 8 weeks. We have a baby monitor in there to hear him and he has done very well. Since we put him in his own room, he has slept from about 11-7 90% of the time. This may just be a coincidence but I think that he might sleep better since it's quieter in his room.



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