When To Put In Crib

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ry - June 21

Hi all. My mom keeps telling my babygirl is too big for her pack n play and I need to put her in her crib now in her own room. I cant stand the thought of not having her next to me (plus she still gets up 2-3 times during the night) She is 12 weeks now and about 14lbs so honestly she probably would be more comfy in her crib but I want her next to me! We are moving in 3 weeks so I though maybe then in the new house I would put her in her crib...........I dont know what do you all think?


JAI - June 21

My son was in his ba__sinet too long...so when I tried to move him to his crib it was very difficult and he ended up in my bed. He is in his crib now. They need the space to move and grow. My opinion would be to try the crib now. But I am not condeming you if you do not, I know how hard it is first hand to not have them right beside the bed. Good Luck!


Bonnie - June 21

Hehe, I feel ya! Maosn outgrew his ba__sinet nd I couldn't bear the thought of him being out of our room but did not want him to get used to any co-sleeping type habits. I made my poor DH drag the crib down the stairs and into our bedroom, rofl.


cae - June 21

Hi ry. It was hard to kick my LO out. lol He outgrew his ba__sinet and if the ba__sinet was bigger he would still be in it. We moved him to his crib at 4months. I think its hard to move them when they are still getting up througout the night, esp. if you are b___stfeeding. Good luck with whatever you do.


jb - June 21

My mom pretty much said the same thing to me when dd was around 6-8 weeks. Though I was scared to do it, my mom was right. Also I think it would be easier to put you lo in a crib now. The older she gets, the harder it will be for both of you to be in seperate rooms. I know when I moved my dd to her crib, I was terrified that I wouldn't hear her. I used a monitor for about 1 hour. It was so noisy that I unplugged it and just hoped I would hear her. Well, that mothering instinct kicked in and I heard her with no problems. I think she was around 8 weeks old when I put her in her crib. We bought a house and moved a few weeks ago. Now my dd is on the other side of the house and I can still hear her just fine. I know that if I wouldn't have had her in her own room before we moved, I probably never would have put her in her own room in our new house. I would have freaked out over how far away her room is from ours. I know my dh and I both sleep a lot better with dd in her own room. I think dd sleeps a lot better too. She does sleep through the night and has been since about week 8. Tonight is the first night I put her down to bed while she was awake. She did wonderful. I sang her a few songs, read her 2 books and then said goodnight. She wiggled around for about 1/2 hour (I peeked in every 2 seconds) but fell asleep without any tears. Thats just my story and my opinion, but you need to do what is best for you. It worked well for me and I hope whatever you decide to do works just as well. Since she gets up 2-3 times a night, I am guessing you are bf-ing. It may end up being easier for you to keep her close to you until she starts sleeping through the night....which based on weight and age...sounds like it could happen soon. Maybe try a pacifier instead of feeding her in the middle of the night one time. She may surprise you!! Hope you don't mine my suggestion..or my opinion for that matter!!! Good luck, ry.


Jamie - June 22

My daughter is nearly 11 months, and still doesn't exclusively sleep in her crib. My DH and I enjoy cosleeping with her very much, and honestly, if we had a big enough bed, our daughter would never be in her crib. As is, she starts the night in her crib, and joins us if she wakes during the night, which usually doesn't happen. Anyway, my point is - only you and your SO can decide if your family is ready for your child to be in a crib in a separate bedroom. You need to do what is right for your family, regardless of what anyone else says or thinks or does.


^lucy^ - June 22

i had my baby girl in her crib since the beginning.. she's 5 weeks now..she's so small i know but she stays with us in the same room but has her own corner so she gets used to stay alone for the future.. i know its hard to get up every 2-3 hrs to feed her.. but its for a short time and then our babies will grow up and sleep all night.. can't wait till that time comes :D hehe


Narcissus - June 22

The weight limit for the PP ba__sinet is 15 lbs so I agree with your mom that it is time to move her to a safer bed, her crib.


ry - June 22

Thank you guys! I am so glad I posted this and I feel so much better now although I have a lump in my throat as I am writing this. ((sob)) I know it is time.....


Narcissus - June 22

I co-slept with my son until he was 4 months old. I know, I know...tisk tisk:) I understand how sad you feel. I still wish I could sleep next to my son and he is 15 months old. I would love to roll over and snuggle with him during the night. DH feels the same way.


nic nac - June 22

no tsk tsk Narcissus. lol. we never exclusively co-slept but when we moved her to her crib in her room at 4 months we would bring her into our bed at times when she kept waking 4 times a night. Now she sleeps through the night. Trust me, i have so many people that criticize me for co-sleeping even before i tell them whether we do or don't. Whenever i used to ask others (no one on here) how they got their babies to sleep through, the first thing they said was to NEVER EVER put the baby in the bed, to each their own is how I feel since they aren't raising your baby. I usually never tell to avoid arguments, unless i feel like venting ha ha. Ry, I think since you are moving in three weeks you may want to wait. Going into a new home usually disrupt sleeping patterns so even in you move her now, she may have difficulty when you move. If you want to move her now it's fine too but it may take her a week to get adjusted to the crib if you move her now and then another adjustment moving into a new home. You may want to wait and have both adjustments at once. She may do fine either way. Good luck in whatever you decide.


Bonnie - June 22

No tsk, tsk from me either. We didn;t do co-sleeping as I didn;t want to be habit. But honestly...I have times where he'll take his first morning nap with mommy. :) I look forward to it.


Narcissus - June 22

Co-sleeping draws so much criticism but it was the right decision for us. Had I not co-slept with Aja, I would have been more sleep deprived than I already was. He needed the close comfort that CS provided. Some babies don't. When it was time to move him to his crib, there were no problems so we were fortunate. Dh always slept in the guest room bc he had to work each day and I felt so sorry for him when he was tired. I could hardly function and I got to stay home. Imagine going to work...



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