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JB - October 21

What age should you start giving your baby cereal and juice??


chelsey - October 21

Gabriel is just over 3 months, and I began giving him rice cereal (by spoon) a few weeks ago. This past Sunday, I tried him on oat cereal. He loves it! When my daughter was a baby, I started her at three months. Do what you feel is right for your baby though. Some people dont recommend it until 6 months. To each his own. If you feel your baby is ready, or will benefit from it now, do it! Juice? Ummm, think my daughter was about 5 1/2 months old. I waited until she could drink from a sippie cup.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - October 21

I started Amaya on cereal at 4 months and she will be 6 months on the 9th of November and I have just started mixing her cereal with juice. She also gets veggies at night.


BBK ® © - October 21

Talk to your pediatrician about that. It has to do with how the baby is gaining weight about cereal and some juice is OK after 6 months of age.


Toya - October 21

Yeah...Asjani's pediatrician said to not start her on cereal until 6 months and then introduce vegetables and then fruits...no meat until 9 months...No cow's milk or berries until 1 year.


s - October 21

my pediatrician told us to start our baby on cereal(in the bottle) and juice at the two month appt. he was 7.5 at birth and at that appt he was 9.12 so i guess he thought my baby was a little on the small side...he didn't say anything about his weight though. i just put a tablespoon in four ozs. for the cereal.


ally - October 21

i have always read definitely not before 4 mths as ur baby is not ready so i hope chelseys baby is ok. Due to allergies being more common my health nurse said 6 mths but i want to start when she is 5 mths slowly just to get her ready, i was also told juice is not neccessary for quite a while as they are better off with the pureed natural fruit and most juices contain loads of sugar, just what i was told. Water is best but if u wanna go by the books then not b4 4 mths but most certainly after, probably 4 and a half mths etc and introduce one thing at a time, cereal for a few days, then some carrot later etc.. talk to ur doctor as here in aus it may be different or they advise u differently. I have strictly read though in any book not b4 for mths, it amazes me that s's doctor said 2 mths, i really cant believe it and do it in a bottle which is even more confusing for the baby........


Barbara - October 21

My son is 4 months today! At his 3 1/2 month appointment she said I could start him on rice cereal. Then a few weeks later she said I could try him on fruits and veggies,but to feed him the same thing for three days in a row to see if there was an alergic reaction. He had banana's for the first time today! I think he liked them he ate the whole jar! How much baby fruit do you give you baby? I fed him the whole jar then I started thinking I fed him too much...good luck


tiffani~11 days to go!! - October 21

It all depends on who you ask. With my daughter, I tried to feed her cereal at 3 months. She wasn't ready, so I tried again at 4 months, and by the 5th month, she was gobbling it down. With my son, I think he was about 5 months as well. Now the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends waiting until 6 months, to help prevent food allergies and obesity. The "rules" are always changing. Do whatever you feel comfortable with. A baby who is not ready for solids, will push out the food with his/her tongue instead of actually taking it in. In my opinion, that's natures way of telling you whether or not your baby is ready. :o)


chelsey - October 22

lol, Ally! Yes, my baby is just fine! Thanks though, for your concern! Like I said, to each his own! I know every Doctor has his/ her own advice and beliefs, thats fine, but I also have mine. It worked for my daughter, she's a very healthy, active 3 1/2 year old. Sure a lot of books say 4 months, some say 3 or 6. I'm not much of a by the book person. Yes, I listen to my babys Doctors advice, and we discuss what my child will benefit from, but bottom line I do what I think is right for my child. Gee, I wonder how all of our ancestors and relatives, not to mention their kids, survived the old days with out hundreds of books, and tons of information to read? I dont feel that parents should rely on others experiences and beliefs, as much as they should rely on their instincts. My Mom had me and my siblings started on cereal when we were a month old! If the baby can eat it, is not allergic to it, and likes it, then why not cereal at a couple of months of age? These guidelines are not set in stone. Besides, rules are made to be broken!


Rachael mommy2lucas - October 22

I totally agree with chelsey on this one. Every parent should decide for their baby after consulting with the doctor, but it is not set in stone. My 2 month old has acid reflux and I HAVE to put cereal in the bottle to keep it down. A pediatric gastro advised me to do this, he also eats cereal from a spoon, and does it well. I will start him on veggies soon. People have been raising babies for centuries doing it without "books". Not that books are bad, I just think they get a little ridiculous sometimes. Plus they change every couple of years and there is a set of new rules each time some doctor has a brilliant idea. 10 yrs ago or so it was recommended that babies only sleep on their stomachs too. So, use your docs guidance and follow your beliefs and babies cues as well. I think it is much less sressful for everyone.



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