When To Start Baby On Cereal

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Suzie1234 - May 30

How old does baby need to be to start on rice cereal in the bottle? Is 6.5 weeks too early?


kimberly - May 30

I wouldn't reccomend putting cereal in a bottle ever unless your baby has reflux or otherwise told by your pedi to do so. You should start spoon feeding rice cereal at 4 to 6 months. Some babies are ready at 4 months where some are not. Their little tummy's can't handle solids until then. Feeding solids to early and in a bottle can cause overeating and food allergies and sensitivities. At 4 months start with a small amount once a day, make it kind of runny, do that for a couple of weeks and then gradually make it thicker. I started fruit in my dd cereal at about 5 months, wait 2 to 3 days before trying a different food to make sure there are no allergies. By 6 months she had cereal w/ fruit in the mornings and a veggie in the afternoon.


tish212 - May 31

its up to your dr really, my dd was put on cereal at like 3 weeks old due to reflux. It was added to b___st milk to thicken it up so she wouldnt keep throwing it up...she is now 5 months old and eats baby food fruits...and does just fine...she has also been eating baby food for quite some time..but our dr knows about it and gave us the go ahead, so i would say if your child is throwing up after everymeal or almost every one, then add a little bit to the milk, or formula and try it...but then give some time to make sure your lo doesn't have an adverse reaction...also cereal can cause consitpation, so be very careful if you decide to tray your lo on it. when you read the box for gerber cereal, it says that for very young babies to add a tbsp of cereal to 4 tbsp of milk/formula/water and that is the amount they need. good luck!!


HeavenisMine - May 31

Usually that early you wouldn't start a baby on cereal unless their dr. says it's a good idea. Now obviously the decision is yours; but putting cereal in a bottle is not a good practice I hear. You could probably read about it on google for better info. I didn't start my daughter on rice till she was four months. IMO, I found it was easier to just let her eat the formula while she was still young., I know some moms say when they eat cereal it helps them go longer without a feeding. I found that wasn't true for us. We're just now starting her vegetables at 6 months. Anyway I hope you find an answer that works for you!


pomny143 - May 31

Hi. I was always told that rice cereal can cause constipation in infants. My recommendation would be Gerber single grain oatmeal if anything. I would ask your lil ones doctor just to be sure. It does seem a little young to start though.


DeeD - June 5

Um-yep...it is. I would not give any baby anything before 6 months. I know from experience that introducing it too early can cause a host of allergies in some kids. Never put it in a bottle. Always spoon feed it.


crackersforme - June 6

I started my baby on rice cereal (gerber) two weeks ago & he was born Feb. 12. We rotate bottles of 5 & 6 oz. throughout the day & right before going to bed he gets a 6 oz. bottle of formula with 2 scoops of rice cereal mixed in with it (6 oz. water -- 3 scoops of formula & 2 scoops of cereal). Doctor told us to pop the hole a little bigger on the bottle & to do it that way. No problems since we started.



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