When To Start Cereal

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Wellis10 - February 19

My lo is 3 months, He is 15lbs and 25inches long. I want to start putting cereal in his formula to help the hunger. He drinks 6-8 ozes every 3-4 hours and sometime crys for more. Would it be ok to do this...acouple of tsps. My best friend had her baby 6 days after me and her ped. told her it was ok.....he has reflux. Is it okay of my lo? and if so how much?


EMBERBABY - February 19

Our ped told us it is better to wait till 6 months at 4 month appt . I was a bit dissapointed because dd stares at me with hungry eyes when I eat in front of her. But that is what we are doing it might be different in your case. My dd just turned 5 months. Call your ped he give the go ahead.


jlong - February 20

Wellis10, my lo is 4 mos and weighs 15 lbs. She's on the big side for her age and LOVES to eat. I spoke w/a friend who works in pediatrics and he told me it was totally fine to add a few tsp of cereal to my daughter's bottle. We were overfeeding her and she was spitting up all the time. The key is to thicken what they are eating, thus keeping them fuller longer. As always, check w/your doc but I think you are fine to add some cereal.


eyes82000 - February 20

My son is 4 1/2 months old and has been eating cereal from a spoon for about a month now. At his 4 month appt. the doctor said that he could start baby food. He's been eating it for about two weeks now and loves it.


LisaB - February 20

According to the APA the new rule is 6 months.


spamanda - February 20

We were told to wait until 6 mos. because there are a LOT of food allergies in both my and my husband's families. Apparently waiting until 6 mos. can really make a difference. My son is HUGE too, lol -- he was almost 17 lbs. at his 4 mo. appointment. He's reaching for our food all the time, but he's already 5 mos. and I'm definitely trying to wait it out. I know ds went through a growth spurt at 3 mos -- yours may just be doing the same thing. Good luck whatever you decide!



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