When To Start Feeding Crackers

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pbj - June 8

Just wondering at what age you ladies started giving your LO the zwiebeck crackers etc and if they had teeth yet or not? My dd is going to be 7 mths next week and I haven't given it to her yet because she doesn't have teeth as of yet; what is your suggestion? Thanks in advance.


Rabbits07 - June 8

Personally, I don't recommend the zwieback toast or the biter biscuits. In my experience they dissolve and break off in a big chunk in the baby's mouth. One of my LO's almost choked one time and I have heard of numerous other mommies/babies having the same experience.


angie m - June 8

I had my oldest boy chock on a zwiebeck and it was so scarey. I had two more little ones and never gave them zwiebecks because I was scared that they would also choke.


pbj - June 8

Thanks so much. Did/Do either of you give any other kind of snacks to a child of my dd's age. I'm curious because another friend of mine gives her LO some kind of little puffed snack by gerber that supposedly desolves when placed in their mouths, but they seem so small I'd be concerned about choking. Anyway she suggested I get some for my LO.


Rabbits07 - June 8

When I started out with finger foods I always liked cheerios...they are small, but they get soggy quickly and therefore aren't a choking hazard. Same goes for the Gerber puffed snacks you mentioned....they dissolve quickly. The good thing about those, too is that they don't really need teeth for them as their saliva dissolves them. An added bonus is that when placed on their tray to pick up they get to practice their fine motor skills and pincer grasp...it's a meal and developmental lesson all in one;-)


olivia - June 8

My dd's doctor said no Cheerios until 10 months but I guess they all have different opinions. I give her the crackers and she loves them and the biscuits. She has no teeth so she just sucks them until they are soft then breaks the soft part off and eats it. It is a huge mess! She wasn't interested much at 7 mths but now at 9 she is really into them.


J.J. - June 9

I don't know if this is any different than zwieback toast, but my mom recommended Melba rounds (which are not sweetened). She claims I could gnaw on them and they didn't break off and cause a choking hazard, but my baby's not old enough yet anyway.


Rabbits07 - June 9

I've eaten the melba rounds myself and they ARE hard as a rock so I can totally believe that! I had a scare with the toast and biscuits...I guess once you have a scare it makes you shy away from them. I had lo in a highchair and was cooking and looked over and he was choking...I got a piece out of his mouth the size of a jawbreaker...SCARY! That was the biscuits. DD got choked on the toast. I would just recommend if anyone gives them do not turn your head for even a second.


TinaMarie - June 9

I give my daughter who is almost 7 months the gerber puff things. The doctor told me it was fine to do at her 6 month check up. That seems to be different from what others are saying, so make sure it is ok w/ your doc. She has not had any trouble with them and she loves them. They seem to melt pretty quicky. I gave her the toast a few times, but it makes me nervous...lol. BTW she is almost 7 m and has no teeth either. Hope this helps.


Kt - June 9

They have gerber veggie puffs and fruit puffs and they are wonderful. They pretty much dissolve in their mouth.They are small, like little stars. My dd is almost 8 months and has been eating them for about 2 months. They have all different flavors. They are sold where the baby food is, at least at our grocery store. Try them out. YOur baby will love them



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