When To Start Juice

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JB - November 14

At what aging did you start giving your baby juice? My MIL has brought it upon herself to give it to my 3 month old son. He didn't have any reaction and probably enjoy it. So I don't know if I should say something or let her continue giving him juice in the afternoon.


JB - November 14

OK... I meant age. And she has given him apple juice.


Steph - November 14

I started giving my daughter juice around four/five months. One of her favorites was *shudders* Apple Carrot Juice by Gerber. Yuck. I told her about it the other day while we were at the store and she insisted that she try it. She's not so keen on it now and was surprised that she liked it so much! When I gave apple juice, I would only put half juice and half water otherwise, there's diarrhea issues.


Megan - November 20

I would be hesitant to let your MIL give him juice - he's so young! It's pretty much nothing but sugar. Our kids are only allowed one gla__s of OJ with calcium daily, and no other juices. They get water, and actually prefer it most of the time. Besides, juice is empty calories. Baby feels full but only has a tummy full of sugar. I suppose if MIL is just giving him sips here and there, it probably won't hurt - just make sure it isn't a BOTTLE FULL! eeks.


Julie - November 20

My doctor told me it is not necessary in the first year of life. I never gave it to my son during the first year. I waited until he was around 15 mos. It has sooo much sugar in it.


Lila - November 20

Current studies whow that babies do not need a suppliment of juice or water even in hot climates until at least 6 months some say the 1 year mark. If you put stock in studies there you have it, if you believe you know what is best for your child do what you will. Our mother's mothers didn't have these guidlines and a great majority of their children survived.


Geez! - November 20

A little sugar does not hurt anyone. Why is everyone so afraid of sugar. If you give sugar in moderation you will be just fine.


Not needed - November 20

Obesity factor, Give them water


To Lila - November 20

Of course they need water. I gave my son some when he was 4 months and the weather got warmer. Please see a health professional as your book facts are way off. To Geez they are better off with the fruit itself pureed as opposed to sugary juice. Whats wrong with sugar? Obesity Kids dont need sugar


soleil - November 20

I waited til my daughter was i think 6 mo. to give her water,,,,,,i tried giving her juice but she hates juice. She will only drink water.


Lesley - November 20

In UK we have proper baby juice made by Cow & Gate. It is recomended from 4 month +. I didn't start giving my daughter it untill she was 6 months. I only give her it with meals as it causes tooth decay. Between meals I give her milk or water. My son wouldn't drink juice, only milk which was good


to Lila & Geez - November 20

actually, you may need to check up on YOUR reading. Babies do not need water. They get plenty from b___stmilk or formula. From the American Academy of Pediatrics textbook on nutrition: "During the nursing period, the amount of water needed by infants to replace water loss from the skin and lungs, feces and urine, and to provide for growth, is available in human milk or infant formula ... When solid foods are introduced, additional water frequently is required ..." It is also a good idea to hold off on introducing a bottle of water since sucking on the nipple of the bottle will satisfy some of baby's sucking needs, resulting in less sucking at the b___st and a resulting decrease in milk production. And to Geez: A little sugar may not be that bad, but a lot of parents give bottle after bottle or sippy cup after sippy cup with nothing in them but juice. Not only does sugar result in obesity, but a weak immune system, too.


Geez - November 20

Sugar is not the only thing that causes obesity. Parents with obese children can not only contribute their obesity to sugar. There are a whole lot of other factors. So, again I would say, Sugar in moderation is just fine. Ask any doctor that and will tell you the same.


Lesley - November 20

Do you people seriously go by what the book says and not your mothering instincts? I do what I feel is right not what the "experts" say!


TC - November 20

I agree with you Lesley. However, sometimes even our motherly instincts needs a little guidance.


Tati - November 20

I think it is good to get babies body used to different kind of things even when they are as small as 3-4 months. I gave my kids light tea and water around 4 months. Juice is ok why not? As long as you give couple oz. a day not the whole bottle. Babies under 6 months could live only on b___st milk or formula. After that their bodies need solids. But introducing water and juice as early as 4 months is a good idea because by the time baby is 6 months he will be ready to eat baby cereal and other baby good. A smart mother knows best what is good for her baby. I am sure JB you are a smart mommy. Do what you think is the best for you lil one.


Megan - November 21

i find it odd that so many of you are willing to do what you think is best regardless of what doctors warn us...juice aside, one of the main reasons we are supposed to hold off feeding our children anything but formula/b___stmilk until later is because their intestines have not completely matured to the point of closing themselves off to potentially harmful substances. In the early months of life, the lining of a baby's intestines is immature adn allows allergens to get through, which sets the infant up for allergies and infections... just an fyi. i'm sure lesley will comment that i read too much, but it is something i love and i don't feel ashamed for it. after all, if she doesn't like to read about parenting issues but instead does what feels right, then why does she bother checking this site? she must like to read too......



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