When To Start Putting In A Crib

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k - November 9

My daughter is 2 months old wondering when to start haveing her sleep in a crib. At night she has to be rocked to sleep in order to fall asleep and would like to know if maybe we should begin haveing her cry herself to sleep because I'm afraid she will not be able to fall asleep on her own


L - November 9

Good question. My 2 month old daughter goes back and forth between the ba__sinet (right next to my bedside) and our bed. She seems so happy in our bed lately that I think we may set up the crib next weekend...before she becomes to accustomed to the warmth of me and easy access to my b___st. As far as letting the baby cry themselves to sleep at this age...??? I am so weak, I pick up my daughter the minute I hear her rustle around...Also...my 3 year old slept with us until she was 2 (never slept in her crib) and I don't want any repeats in that department!


karine - November 9

i had both my kids in their cribs from day one. in the day they would sleep in the crib and at night beside us. but both my kids never woke up during the night, so i decided to put them in their cribs at night after a couple of weeks, i had a monitor and everything went well.


Fabienne - November 9

Matthew stated sleeping in his crib at about 2 months of age. He is now 4 and he loves it - always has. He greets us with a great smile in the morning.


d - November 10

I don't think I will be putting my son to sleep on his own in the crib. I've loved holding him and singing him to sleep and then putting him in his crib. By 5 months he was getting bigger and my back would hurt holding him standing, so now I only sit and hold him when its time to sleep and he sleeps in my arms or we lay next to each other on my bed. As soon as he falls asleep I put him in his crib. I've tried putting him in his bed while still awake but he squirms and cries. He's used to having me close and singing him to sleep. He even checks with his hands and pats me while his eyes are closed and hums with me. He's now 8 months and he still sleeps this way or I sing to him while he's in the swing or I put baby einstien Galileo on while he's in the crib. I don't mind as long as he ends up in his crib. My sister-in-laws babies were the same and during childhood they would fall asleep with the parents while watching T.V and then they would carry them to bed. When they got older they would read books in bed and then go to sleep. My friend on the other hand from the start would have her infant fall asleep on her own in the crib and her infant is used to that. I thought of doing it like my friend but then I rememberd my nieces which for them, long term it was o.k so why not. So I prefered being closer to him and vice versa.


monica - November 10

Boy I am going to sound pretty cold compare to everyone here. My son was put in his crib from day 1. He didnt like it but I never brought him to our bed. I would just comfort him on my rocking chair. I knew I could of just brought him to our bed and he would of slept very well. But no, sometimes I like things the hard way. Now he loves his crib and I put him down awake and does not need to be rocked to sleep at night only. During the day he needs the swing or me to take his cat naps.


Jbear - November 10

I used the ba__sinette part of the pack and play until Sophie was 9 weeks old and started to look too long for it. I do have her crib in my bedroom, and I will keep it there until she's 6 months. Usually she falls asleep on a blanket on the living room floor, and then I carry her to the crib. If I put her in bed while she's awake, she will fuss.



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