When To Start Sippy Cups

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Heather F - June 9

When can a baby start using a sippy cup? I exclusivly BF so instead of introducing a bottle I would like to introduce a sippy cup right away...whats the earliest a baby can drink from one?


Ginny - June 9

I'm glad you asked! Sorry I'm no help, but I would like to know, too.


Rabbits07 - June 9

I have heard of people introducing them as early as 3-4 months when they have good head control. I never did until about a year...but that was just my preference and not a doctor recommendation or anything.


nic nac - June 9

when they start solids.


Sarahsmommy - June 9

Sarah isn't very good at it but I'm been tryin off and on for about a month now and she's 6 months. I have to hold the cup and use the nuby cup because the spout part and silicone so the most like a bottle to be, so I thought it would be easier to switch. Also if you use one with the no spill thing, as in another brand, you may have to remove the no spill thing so baby can drink, after they get better you can replace it.


LisaB - June 9

I started ds who is also bf only on a cup at 5 months now at 7 months hes almost a pro. I am hoping to avoid the bottle all together also. Ds also loves drinking out of a normal cup he has been doing that for about two months with help ofcourse.


Bree - June 9

I sometimes give my son one when I'm feeding him his solids. I also feed him out of a regular cup, which he prefers. I got some of the see thru solo type cups so I don't let him drown himself. He's now 5 months old. It can't hurt to try. Best wishes to you.


YC - June 9

My ped suggests that you start them on the sippy cup when you start them on solids.


Bonnie - June 9

We've started now with Mason at 4 months. He has taken such an interest in trying (to my annoyance, lol) to hold the bottle. So I out in a tiny amount of juice or water and let him "practice". For his formula I still give the bottle as he would be way too frustrated and still needs to suck. But he enjoys "playing" with his sippy cups and can sip out of them just fine when he wants too. Most of time he more enjoys knawing on the rubbery spout when teething, lol.


Bonnie - June 9

P.S. We use the Playtext one with the handles and the no spill valve.


Ca__sieSong - June 9

I'm hoping my dd who is 6 months will start liking the sippy cup since she doesn't want to take her bottle much anymore. I make her since she needs her formula, but unless she is sleepy and relaxed, she does not want to slow down enough to eat! She'll go 5 hours and still not want her bottle... but she'll eat solids at any time. So I got the Avent nubby sippy cup.. I hope she takes to it. She also likes a regular cup. It just gets messy.


Jamie - June 10

My 10 month old is also b___stfed...I've tried giving her sippy cups for several months, but no real success. The only ones she'll even contemplate drinking from are the Nuby cups, with the soft rubber spouts, cause she can bite on those to get the liquid out, whereas the kind that have the spill-proof valve require she suck, without giving a shape to let her know she needs to suck.


jilly01 - June 10

my little girl has been using a sip cup from day one...she had some real GI troubles and i could not b___stfest due to some things i went though right after her birth....she really would throw a fit if i tried to "trick" her with water or juice in her food bottle. i mean i have to hold it for her but she takes it......she's just 3 month....every kid i believe will let you know when they are ready '


AmandaManns - June 10

We started my son on a sippy cup at 3 months old. All we put in it is juice and water so he does not get it very often but he does do well with it. He uses the Nuby cups with the soft spout and spill proof.



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