When To Start Stage 2 Foods

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SonyaM - May 1

My son will be seven months on May 4th and has been eating rice cereal, has had all of the stage one veggies numerous times and just finished trying all of the stage 1 fruits. When should I start stage 2 foods? I was thinking I could start them now. I just don't remember what I did with my first son. Isn't it funny how easily we forget. He isn't quite sitting up by himself but he is trying to crawl, being up on all fours. Oh, and he's formula fed. Thanks for your input.


SonyaM - May 1



emilysmommy - May 1

I'd like to know this too! I wanna know what to do when the time comes. I'm looking forward to starting my dd on solids..


Kelly K - May 2

I started my daughter on the stage 2 foods last week at 5.5 months. I'm just avoiding things like meat and cheesy items that my ped wants us to avoid until 7-8 months. I'd say go for it since your son is already 7 months old. When in doubt though.. call your doctor.


babygirls1st - May 2

I would say if he is eating stage 1well and consistantly i would go ahead. My baby will be 8months old in one week and i started him on stage 2 about a month ago. He still doesn't have any teeth and he is takes expressed b___stmilk. Stage 2 gives them more variety like meats / mac-n-chesse, etc. instead of fruits and veggies. Its a little thicker but not really chunky. I think stage 3 gets really chunky.


SonyaM - May 2

Thanks. I bought some at the store today and will try some tonight. He does have two bottom teeth. It's funny that it didn't occur to me until this weekend to try the stage 2 foods.


Crissy - May 2

The difference between stage 1 and stage 2 food is stage 2 is a little thicker and often has combined ingredients. Once your baby has been through all the stage 1 foods (trying them individually for a few days at a time) and hasn't had an allergic reaction to any of them, then you are fine to begin stage 2. This is what we would tell the parents of the babies at the pediatric office I used to work at. You will also sometimes hear not to start meats or cheesy things, like Kelly said, until about 7-8 month or so, but we started our dd on them at the same time we started stage 2 (at 6 mo). It really just depends on the baby. Some are a little more sensitive to the protein in meats than others. :-)



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