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Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - September 7

OK, I give Amaya tummy time during the day, but she just rolls over the second I put her on her belly. I have to sit right there by her to make sure she doesnt roll over. I am happy she is rolling over and all, but if she keeps laying on her back, will she crawl? When someone is holding her she just wants to stand, so I am really afraid that she will walk and not crawl. I know this is not a problem, but I really want her to crawl. Also, when do babys start putting their feet in their mouth. She will play with her toes when she is sitting up, but she doesnt try when she is on her back. I know there are alot of moms out there with babys the same age as Amaya (born May 9th) What all is your baby doing right now? Amaya loves being in her exersaucer and her walker (she only knows how to go backwards!) but I was wondering if there are any toys or anything out there for them when they are on their bellys. We have little toys that we put in front of her but she doesnt really like them. Anyway, if you would just let me know if she is on the same track as most of your kiddos. Thanks!


Kathryn - September 7

Today, Nathan started skooting across the floor. He figured out that if he put his knees up he can move around. He was born May 24.


amanda.d - September 7

I have been through this many times (soon to be fourth time mommy). Give her a "goal" to work for, like for instance have a bright coloured object in front of her but just out of reach, she may get mad at first but eventually she'll want it and start "scooting". That is the first stage to crawling. Also the whole backwards walker thing is fine thats how all my children first used it before they figured out that it goes forward. It sounds like Amaya is right on track and just from reading some of your posts you sound like a great mommy. Good Luck:) P.S. Amaya may never crawl my oldest never did but was toddling around at nine months. Its too cute.


soleil - September 7

I agree with amanda.d put an object like something bright, my daughter loves red and if she sees anything red she crawls to it. She started crawling at 5mo. before she learned how to sit on her own, i dont know if this did but ever since i brought her home she always had tummy time everyday and then one day she was on her tummy and saw my keys and she tried to get it and she started moving closer to it like a little worm, lol. it was soo cute.


wenling - September 8

Thyler rolls over when i put him on his tummy too.. He just started doing this a few days ago. I just think that he is able to lift his head higher off the bed and therefore he loses his balance and rolls over. He loves 'standing' too. But now i got to it privately so no one will tell me i'll cause his legs to be bowed. Same with the toes thingie. plays them only when he's sitting. otherwise i think they're too far for him to reach. I'm surprised there are just so much in common!! it's so fun to see him growing everyday. Now he's also in the habit of putting anything he can get his hands on into his mouth.. his soft toys, pillows, bolsters. etc. Looks so cute whn he sticks his tongue out to try to taste them all.. I would really love to put him in a walker but it seems that they don't sell walkers much here anymore.. and yesterday, i just brought him to the hairdresser's to have his head shaved. How i miss his soft curly hair... Just to satisfy some superst_tious belief that babies must have their hair cut in the 4th mth. Anyhow, he looks like a little monk now and he does seems to be more comfortable without his hair in this hot humid climate here.I took a few pics of him without his hair www.wcung.photosite.com


Jadyns Mommy - September 8

Jadyn hates tummytime and just gets mad at me but when I do put her down, she has figured out that if she pushes her knees down, she can push herself forward. Unfortunately she throws such a fit and becomes such a little stinker for the next 2-3 hours after tummytime so I dont get to do it with her too often or for too long. So I worry that she will not learn to crawl either. She has been sitting up on her own (eventually tilting over) and she has also learnt that when she is sitting in her stroller that she can slide herself down. Thankfully we strap her in or she would slide herself right out of the bottem. She loves to stand and tries to jump but I get the same lecture from her Grandma "your gonna bow her legs". But we got her the Jumperoo and even though she is still a little small and can barely touch the floor on the lowest setting, she still manages to bounce herself in it and absolutely loves it. Jadyn doesnt try to put her feet in her mouth yet, she wouldnt have room because she seems to always have half of her hand shoved in there while drooling all over the place! :-) Whenever I read online to see what milestones I need to be looking for, they always emphasize that every baby is different and progresses at different rates so I try not to worry if she isnt completely textbook.


soleil - September 8

I read that crawling isnt even considered a milestone because some babies just skip right through that and go to walking...


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - September 8

Thanks everyone, I dont know what we are going to do about the tummy time thing, she is really only there like maybe 15 seconds then on her back. She is taking a nap right now and when she wakes up we will try tummy time again! OMG Wenling, Thyler looks so cute with all his hair gone. I would have cried when they buzzed it all off. He looks like a little man now! Thanks for all the advice! Maybe she will just skip the whole crawling thing... who knows with her.


Alisha - September 8

Kyler (my baby boy) born Jan 22, didn't want to be on his belly either. I got a baby gym for him to play with and he loved it. Eventually he started wanting to explore the other toys I layed on the floor and rolled over and started scooting to get them. He scooted for a long time and started crawling a month ago. Now he is pulling himself up on everything. I think he will be walking soon and he is only 7 1/2 mths now! What Im saying is I think the baby gym got him interested in toys enough to see what else there is and that encouraged him to have his tummy time to scoot to the toys. Now all I see is the back of his head. They have baby gyms with pads underneath with things for the baby to play with also. Wal-Mart has a good selection. Oh and he still doesn't put his toes in his mouth, but does play with them. Have fun!


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - September 8

We have a baby gym. She loves it. She just worries me always being on her back (flat head) Anyway, I layed there with her today on the blanket and she was ok for about 2 minutes. We will just work at it!!!



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