When Will My Brains Come Back

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kr - October 31

Around my second semester my brain left. Not only can I not multi-task, but I forget to do simple things. I can barely read. I'm not working any longer...if I were I would have been fired by now. Will the baby give me my brain when she comes out?


Lissi - October 31

Don't ask me! Mine's gone for good. :)


Liana - October 31

I think the mult_tasking will come back, when you have to take care of baby and EVERYTHING else, but other than that sorry.... its gone, all that'll eb on your mind is baby.. baby... baby.. baby..


Emma - October 31

Nope! Prego brain becomes Mommy brain!!


BB - October 31

Well, I definitely only have my child on my brain now. (1 month old) But I did tell my husband that I feel like all my marbles were back right away. I don't forget things near what I did when I was pregnant.


Nini - November 1

I still don't have my marbles back yet and my daughter is 3 months.I can barely remember a conversation that i had about 3 mins ago,but then again i hardly sleep.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 1

My brains left during pregnancy and have gone further away since he was born. I don't think I'll be seeing them again.....


Narcissus - November 1

Not until you are no longer sleep deprived. Seriously, sleep-dep brain is worse than prego brain. Don't think about getting your PhD right after delivery, lol:) It takes several months to feel human again.


Mommy - November 1

LOL! I'm sorry Kr, but my oldest is 17 months and Emma was right. So was Liana. Mult_tasking will come back, but in my situation, I still forget my purse when I go to the store. Actually everyone was right but those two hit closer to home...well mine anyway lol. Good luck all.


kr - November 1

Noooooo! I was looking into going back to school after delivery.


TC - November 1

Nope!! I lost my brains during pregnancy and since giving birth it has become mommy brains. I can multi-task anything that have to do with my son. Anything outside of that, I must take baby steps to figure it out. My memory, which left me while pregnant, has come back though.


mommy of 2 - November 1

I was going to answer your question, but by the time I got this far in my response, I forgot what I was doing. :)


Nini - November 2

You guys are all so crazy!but that is exactly how I feel.So glad to know that i'm not alone.



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