When Will My Hair Stop Falling Out

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Sandra23 - January 19

It started right around the time DS turned 4 months. He's 5 months now and it doesn't seem to be slowing down any. It's so annoying!! I have stray hairs all over my clothes ALL the time and it seems to come out in handfuls in the shower. For those of you that have older babies; when did your post pregnancy hair loss finally slow down?


DDT - January 19

I believe I was 6 months pp when my hair stopped falling out. I had the exact same problem as you....Clumps in the shower and hair on all my clothes. I have heard and read that anywhere from 5-9 months pp is the norm for your hair to stop falling out. Your hormones start to balance out again.


iemc19 - January 19

Tell me about it - my ds is now 10 months old and my hair is still coming out in giant clumps!! Its lucky my hair is so thick - (its a half blessing!) or I swear I'd be bald by now!!! I hate the shower tray - yuck! I certainly don't remember it being so bad with the other 3!!! Maybe it will be tied in with nursing...or AF coming back...maybe it will slow down??


mlm056 - January 19

hi there, I hear you! The falling out stopped at about 6.5 months.Just when I was getting really worried, it stopped! It is now in full force growing back -- quite the look!


MelissaK - January 19

I'm with you, it just started falling out a ton and my DD is 4 mo. I have what seems to me to be a receding hairline!


britt_m - January 20

Haha, I've been trying to block or ignore it. It started at 5 months and shes almost 8 months. It won't STOP! My brush has to be cleaned after every time I use it, it's crazy, lol.


Sandra23 - January 20

It sounds like I've still got a ways to go then, huh? Darn it! Thanks for sharing. I'm glad I'm not alone :)


Prego1 - January 20

I'm having the same problem! I find hair everywhere, even inside DD's diapers! Eeeek. It started when she was about 2 months old, she's 4 month and a half now. I don't even want to wash my hair bec. so much has fallen out and it's driving DH insane too.


dedaa - January 20

Well my daughter is going to be 1 in a couple of weeks and my hair loss is just finally slowing down. Im finding less and less everywhere now!



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