When You Named Your LO

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AnytimeLittleone - February 5

Did any of you have names that you definately wanted.. despite if your partner didnt like them? When I was pregnant, I told my husband.. if I have to go through pregnancy and labour, I should have a strong baring on what the names will be. He agreed. Just wondering if anyone else did this, or if it was more a communal decision at your house...


Renea - February 5

when I was pregnant with the first 3, I had names that I liked. Hubby didn't have any objections to them--he just went with the flow. With the last one, he didn't like the name I picked out. I wanted to name him Cooper, but all he kept saying was that when he got to school he would be teased "cooper is a pooper". I decided to go with a different name, but it was actually a good thing, because then I thought of a name that had a meaning in our family.


Renea - February 5

I have a few friends who couldn't decide on a name either and they decided that if it were a boy-the dad would pick the name, if a girl--mom picked the name. Seemed to be a good compromise for them.


SonyaM - February 5

We agreed on names for both kids (boys) before we ever got pregnant. A girl name is another story though. We have about 5 or so that we like but can never decide. I don't think we'll have a third child so it shouldn't matter.


Rabbits07 - February 5

It has to be agreed upon by both parties in our house. We had the most difficult time naming our last one....dh jokes that there just weren't any names left! lol. I wanted Aiden or Jude or Noah, but dh said no to them all. Finally at around the end of my pregnancy I told dh to go through the boy names book and mark everything that was acceptable to him. After that I went through and chose what I liked from what he had already marked was okay so he couldn't say he didn't like it. So he ended up as Elijah Mason.


sophandbob - February 5

As luck would have it my partner had a strong desire for s certain grls name and I had a strong desire for a boys name. It was a case of you can have yours if I can have mine.


vonzo - February 5

we both decided on it although i got my way in the end :o) I liked Amber better and dh liked Olivia better. She looked more like an Amber so she became Amber Olivia. If she was a boy she would have been called Ben. I wanted Noah or Finn but dh wasn't a huge fan so we both decided on Ben(jamin) and hubby wanted Sam as the middle name.


sahmof3 - February 5

My dh wanted Norm for a boy and Vera for a girl because those were his grandparents' names. I didn't care for those names at all, even as middle names! I told him I will compromise on lots of things, but not this lol (I REALLY did not like those names). After that it was easy because beyond those two names he didn't really care all that much ;-)


Lisastar9 - February 5

First baby we named together for the first name.second name I got to pick. Second baby I got to pick first name dh got to pick second name. Third baby,well I was surprized I was pg dh said I had to name the baby. I told him it was his turn to name the baby,and I was leaving it in his hands. Two or three hrs later he gave me a name to which I agreed too. Now all along I only could come up with one name to which a boys name would be approperate to. Well I was sure surprized when he game to me with the name. I got to pick his second name. Now since my first and second had middle name which started in No the third had t to,so I searched the internet for a unis_x name and came up with Nolan


ssmith - February 5

I made the BIG mistake of telling DH that I wanted us to choose a name together. I wanted him to be a part of the process of naming our child....BIG mistake because we couldn't agree on a name! LOL I love, love, love the name Henry, but DH was dead-set against that. He ended up choosing the boys name Kieran (which I do like a lot), and then we decided on Caitlin or Sophie for a girl. I really wanted to name her Sophie because then DH & I, and the baby would all have the same initials. It was a girl, and we named her Caitlin (Cate) because she didn't look like a Sophie. If I should be lucky enough to have a boy in the future.....I think I will try harder to get my way and name him Henry!


Rabbits07 - February 5

ssmith, I have a step grandson named Keiran. sahmof3, my dh originally wanted the name Gurney for Mason! *GAG*


Nerdy Girl - February 5

ssmith, that's my son's name - Henry! I originally loved the name Cole, but could not sell dh on that one. Henry was the only name we could agree on. Now I can't imagine my son as anything but Henry.


AnytimeLittleone - February 5

Gurney? like.. the flat metal table with wheels that they put cadavers on? <Shudder>.


mosley12 - February 5

we knew from the get go if it was a boy it would be cayden. towards the end if pregnancy i started looking at other names, but dh loved cayden the most so we kept it..and he's already talking about the next babys name! lol..he wants a little girl so bad now that he has his boy. he wants to name her either bralin( a mix of our two names) or emerson


kris313 - February 5

I always wanted the name Molly for a girl and dh didn't object. We agreed Jean would be her middle name after his mother (she pa__sed away three years ago). If it was a boy we were going to name him Sebastian. Oddly enough, we both loved that name for the very same reason - from the movie "The Never Ending Story". Boy, does that age me or what?


vonzo - February 5

One of my big brothers is called Sebastian, i could never say it when i was wee so he's always been Seb or Sebby to me :o) Infact i couldn't really say any of my brothers names, Struan became Stoon and Stefan became Teffy :o)


kris313 - February 5

Vonzo, we should have had this conversation a year ago! My mom hated the name Sebastian because she couldn't figure out what she would call him for short. Sebby is adorable! Guess its a good thing I had a girl.



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