When You Named Your LO

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kris313 - February 5

Vonzo, we should have had this conversation a year ago! My mom hated the name Sebastian because she couldn't figure out what she would call him for short. Sebby is adorable! Guess its a good thing I had a girl.


Erynn21 - February 5

Nora was the first name we agreed on when I was pg, it just sounded good to both of us, I was convinced from day one we were having a girl, so was my hubby. We also liked Alexa. I really like the name Mia, but my dh kept saying,"Mama MIa, MIa-Pee-a," I guess that was his way of saying no. We only had one name for a boy, so before we knew (for sure)what we were having my mom called the baby Nora/Logan, I think if we were to have a baby again, I'd try again for Mia for a girl, or Lola(I think it's cute) and for a boy we'd go w/ Logan, I just really like that for a boy. Who knows there's probably another boy's name that is just as great that I haven't heard.


AshleyB - February 5

My husband is particularly over opinionated, so we had to agree on it. It was pretty easy with boy names though, we both liked Garrett alot right from the beginning, and we had a boy, so we got lucky!


SonyaM - February 5

sahmof3, those names are so funny. Do you remember Norm from Cheers? His wife's name was Vera! Can you imagine if you would have name your kids Norm and Vera? Too funny.


mandee25 - February 5

My husband pretty much left it up to me. He is easy to get along with. I made sure he really liked the name though.


mandee25 - February 5

Oh yeah and the name is Noah. (I'm tired)


EricaG - February 5

My husband and I had narrowed it down to two names, Abigail (Abby) and Allyson (Ally) I was leaning more towards Allyson and he was leaning more towards Abigail. I let him decide because her middle name is named after my middle name (Arlene) and I really like Abigail too. Matt and I have made the decision that for all of our children we would decide on the first name together, and because I'm the mommy (lol) I get to choose the middle name.


BaileysMummy - February 6

We both decided on our sons name, Bailey Jay when I was pregnant. We also had a girls name picked out, but found that one harder to agree on. I found Bailey in a names book, and my partner wanted BJ, so we decided on Jay as a middle name (I originally liked Jayden as a first name) We both love his name


k.p.j.e. - February 6

Actually,there is a username of someone in here called "ashtynsmom" or something close to that, and I told my husband I LOVED the name Ashtyn for a girl and I wanted to steal it. I was sold on Ashtyn Heather but then nobody liked it. Everyone in my family is so old-fashioned. Anyway I ended up naming her Emma Ashley, and she is due in April and I am really hoping that I don't get surprised with another boy!! We all know those ultrasound horror stories of getting it wrong...by the way, is "ashtynsmom" still around? I should tell her this story.


EricaLynn - February 6

We didnt know what we were having. We had a definite boy name and girl first name. We ended up picking her middle name like two days before she was born! But other than that we had definite names picked out.


TinaMarie - February 6

We each made a list of our favorite girl names. Saw the 3-4 that matched and then picked from them. My husband kept changing him mind all the way up until I was in labor. It was driving me batty!! But after she was born and he saw her, he looked and said "yes she is definately Angeina Kathryn"


Rabbits07 - February 6

anytimelittleone....LOL....not the cadaver table Gurney! Dh had an uncle that pa__sed while I was preg whose name was Gurney (not sure where his mom got the name.......hmmmmm?) Anyways, I just could not fathom the thought of that name and hated to hurt dh's feelings but it just wasn't gonna happen!


Emily - February 6

With our first we agreed to a boys name and a girls name before she was born. It was a suprise, but we had a name for each picked out ahead of time. I did get my way, we named her after My granmother. Mary. We chose a middle name that we liked the sound of (Elizabeth) Dh didn't object but I really did get to pick it out. With our second we settled on a gil name but couldn't come up with a def boys name (the one we previously decided on was way to popular , like every boy born at the same time in the same hospital as my oldest had that name so we were glad we didn't use it.....but still love the name - it was Jacob) Well we found out what we were having for that one. I was not that excited about the name. Marcella Marie. We call her Marcy. But I got to name Mary after my grandma so we named Marcy after his great grandma. I grew to love the name although at the time of her birth I still wasn't crazy about her middle name, but I like it now and I think it suits her...



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